The ugly truth about the Covid-19 lockdowns

Unravelling the events that led us into deleterious lockdowns

PANDA’s analysis of the human and economic cost of lockdowns – pandemic data and science that will save lives and livelihoods. PANDA aims to promote open science, human agency and courageous societies, empowering the public with accurate information thereby enabling individuals to exercise freedom of choice and preserve human liberties and free societies.

Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People from the Covid-19 Response

PANDA believes that children and young people have the right to pursue life, liberty, learning, leisure, love and laughter. Join us as we call on society to help protect our youth.

It is time.

Protocol for Reopening Society

PANDA’s Protocol for Reopening Society builds upon existing pandemic frameworks and incorporates current scientific understanding of Covid-19, to provide a road-map out of the damaging cycle of lockdowns.

Mandatory Vaccination: The Greater Evil of Society

Vaccine passports are a pointless ‘public health’ tool that will undermine trust in the medical profession and vaccination programs. They seem to serve economic, financial, political and ideological agendas. Most fundamentally, they are unethical.

Question Everything

Asking questions is at the heart of science. Science is not an institution and not an authority. Science is never settled. It is forever evolving through conjecture and criticism. Questions form the basis of all scientific inquiry and scientific progress. Without challenging existing concepts – usually held by a majority – there is no new knowledge creation. Censoring dissenting voices eliminates the mechanism of error correction and pushes humanity back into the dark ages. 

Should people who have recovered from COVID take a vaccine?

Covid-19 brought about an age of misinformation like never before. This article takes a deep dive into the issue of natural immunity and Covid-19 vaccination. It provides evidence of natural immunity and is impeccably researched and well worth reading.


The Elephants In The Room

While citizens focus on the latest issue the government directs our attention to, many of us have lost sight of the big picture and grown accustomed to severe limitations on our rights like the proverbial frogs in hot water. PANDA is increasingly aware of the elephants in the room, the topics no one is talking about.

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