ANH International: Speaking Naturally with Nick Hudson of PANDA

20 December 2021

Nick Hudson, speaking to Rob Verkerk from his home in Cape Town, has been one of the most consistent voices of reason and dissent since the pandemic was named. He’s an actuary by way of background and his deeply analytic mind has a fabulous ability to hunt down consistent or inconsistent logic structures. More to the point, he expresses himself so succinctly, especially when allowed to ‘speak naturally’ in an environment he knows is uncensored.

Get prepped for a fabulously informative one hour discussion between Nick and Rob – that covers a broad arena of issues, from the danger of forcing so many people to have a cyclops vision of health, through to omicron, business and societal impacts, and some of the big questions of the day, including what’s happening to human consciousness.

Publisher’s note: The opinions and findings expressed in articles, reports and interviews on this website are not necessarily the opinions of PANDA, its directors or associates.

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