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25 February 2021

Anonymous – CANADA

Letter to PANDA – Feb 25, 2021

We have been is some form of lockdown here in Canada for close to a year. The first “two-week” lockdown began shortly after my grand-daughters third birthday. She will be turning four next week. During the last year I underwent two serious rounds of surgery, and realize I am luckier than many others who have had surgery cancelled.

My issue is that I have lost a year of interaction with my three grandchildren, the youngest just turning two in December. This should have been the happiest time of my life, spending time with my three beautiful grandkids instead I am forbidden to see them and if my health deteriorates further, I may never be able to recapture the lost time.

The treatment of citizens by most governments around the world is beyond reprehensible, and I believe they are so trapped by the lies they have been spouting that they don’t know how to get out of the situation, so they keep perpetuating the fear. No one will give actual figures and even when I try to investigate what the actual mortality figures are for the year 2020 that info is not yet available. This I find rather surprising as we are two months into 2021, and we are bombarded with a daily report of how many “Covid Cases” each day.

Do you know at Panda when the 2020 Mortality rates will be finally published?

Fortunately for all of us locked up with no friends & family we have lot of time on our hands to research just what the hell is going on, and we are not liking what we are seeing.

Unfortunately, so many people have been brainwashed by fear they are unable to think clearly anymore.

I would like to thank all the brave persons speaking out and standing up for those that are so paralyzed by fear either of Covid or the Government to do so for themselves. In particular I would like to send out big THANK YOU to fellow Canadian Randy Hillier MPP Lanark—Frontenac—Lennox, in Ontario.