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02 April 2021

Anonymous – CANADA

Thank you, PANDA, for the extraordinary and courageous work you are undertaking in your efforts to actually save humanity from itself. You – and other groups like the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, Dr Sunetra Gupta (also at Oxford), Architects for Social Housing in the UK, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms here in Canada, and many other noble and courageous individuals and organizations around the world – are the lifeline we need in this time of unprecedented crisis.

I am inspired by your research and your writings, and greatly comforted by other people’s stories here. As a sometime activist and organizer several years ago, I would like to start by floating an idea.

While street protests and civil disobedience are hugely important to bring about true change (think Gandhi, Martin Luther King, anti-apartheid, anti-Vietnam war, etc.), they are ineffectual if the numbers are low. So, we must build a movement through other peaceful means first…with the long-term goal of engaging in both eventually.

One way that is simple, and takes very little time and effort, is to engage in letter/email-writing and telephone campaigns.

To give you an example: I wrote to my federal Member of Parliament here in Canada just last week, and had a personal response within a week (what can I say: he’s a decent man). While he chose to respond to just one of the issues I raised (vaccine passports), it was ever so slightly reassuring to hear that he would actually fight against them, should the need arise.

Now, my MP, hearing from just one lone voice against the maelstrom of lies and distortions from politicians, so-called ‘health professionals’, and a totally amoral media, can remain (heretofore demonstrated decency aside) quite blasé about his complicity in the erosion of Canadians’ human rights and civil liberties (if you haven’t already seen evidence of quarantine internment here in Canada, you should check it out).

So…just imagine if he and his cohorts around the world heard from hundreds of thousands of us in each country. That would most definitely make them sit up and listen. I strongly suspect they just haven’t heard it yet.

While the long-term goal would be to mobilize in order to engage in civil disobedience and peaceful protest rallies, the harsh reality is that, in the current climate of swift ostracization and banishment to the fringes of society, we need to do some constructive and strategic ‘working from home’ for now.

We are NOT powerless, as the charlatans would have us believe. Having watched this nightmare transition to totalitarianism unfold and worsen exponentially over the past year, it is time we made our voices heard.

I am willing to volunteer to help kickstart such a campaign here in Canada. If we could use PANDA as a conduit to put like-minded people in touch with each other in their respective countries or communities, we can start a simple process:

Find the names of all pertinent politicians at every level…local, provincial, federal…find their telephone numbers and email addresses, and embark on a campaign of email and letter writing. We can also undertake a coordinated telephone campaign, which other social justice and environmental activists have used to great effect over the years.

And I’m totally open to other suggestions.