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08 January 2021


Thank you Panda for keeping sanity strong during the times.

A work college lost his father in November 2020. His father visited his local medical practice with a complaint of severe chest pain, his father also suffered from peripheral artery disease, a condition of the blood vessels that supply the legs and feet due to narrowing of the arteries in the legs. He was not given any medical treatment and was sent home with a prescription for pain killers.

That evening his mother called, his father had collapsed and an ambulance was on route. The paramedics arrived at his father’s home and gave CPR no avail. His father had a clot in his brain and died because of a pulmonary embolism.
At the hospital the Dr dealing with his father’s death put onto the paperwork cause of death Covid-19. It was only amended when my colleague threaten legal action against the Dr and the hospital.

I wonder how many people have similar stories of how poorly care has been delegated during this pandemic.