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28 March 2021


My story is about about our government that this lockdown and Covid pandemic.
I believe in our government policies and restrictions about Covid. This was all arranged by WHO restrictions needs to follow by every country and governments if not It will be a problem who ever not to follow or you will be in a violations of something that you’re not able to address to the people or citizens the policies and restrictions by the WHO and who’s behind this organisations the G7 you will see who are the top 10 countries in Covid affected mostly the G7 why? Because they want to show the reality that Covid is deadly and it’s real. What the 3rd world countries Philippines what happened now is our government showing the sincere to the people that we must control the virus to lowest as much as possible. The aim of all 3rd world countries low Covid deaths and infected why because we don’t have a hospital, money, vaccines etc. Look at this country UK USA ITALY FRANCE GERMANY SPAIN BRAZIL RUSSIA they showing that Covid is like war of ammunition and some country are corrupt government but Philippines is different we are in a new staged of government the people wants the present administration and this opposition wants to come back they using this Covid story those who is in opposition the Covid affected area is worst and this what happened to USA election. I hope this will not be happened to our President Duterte to make it short the story COVID was out because politics who ever wins this election because they use this Covid and they don’t care even people dies in UK elderly people are dying they will not bring to the hospital and said the hospital are full and we can accept this people because of Covid hospitals are not accepting dying patients and the worst is media will show the people who are in the hospital are able to recover but it’s should not be like that everybody should be equal to have hospitalised it’s good that some countries hospital are free. What about Philippines we need to pay are bills for hospitals and not every Filipino can afford to pay hospital bills. Political is the main issue of why Covid was made. The religion 25% percent involved why because it’s also convincing and people will not be talking about what is going on about this Covid. I hope this story will add to the minds of people what is going on the our world.