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28 January 2021

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

I heard a devastating story last week whilst sitting in my local SAPS police station.


Three police officers were openly discussing a case they had received of a man who had just committed suicide, in his home in a nearby suburb, by way of a gunshot to the head.

Apparently this individual had just received a positive covid test result and he was terrified of the symptoms to come. The police officers described his motivation as: “to prevent himself from suffering, he killed himself”.

One officer described this individual as selfish, because his death was subjecting them all to a gruesome scene.

I could hardly believe my ears. How could these officers be so incredibly insensitive and naïve?

A man is dead. His fear overcame his will to live. FEAR! Not any physical discomfort. The mere thought of getting Covid was too much for him to bear.

Who is really to blame here? A man overcome by fear? Or politicians and journalists who choose to spread misinformation and fearmonger on a daily basis?

Sadly, the true culprits will not be held accountable. This man’s death should more accurately be attributed to murder, not suicide.