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26 March 2021

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

Good day team Panda,
I trust you are all keeping well throughout what remains a very stressful time. Thanks as always for all your hard work and efforts. I saw the Daily Maverick hit piece against Panda, and that didn’t really surprise me – I suppose I was more surprised that it had taken that long, given that ‘smear-campaign’/’hit pieces’, anything to discredit is the modus operandi against anyone that speaks out against the narrative… It does, however, highlight that you are making solid progress and getting noticed…
Things (as expected) continue to progress and evolve at breakneck speed, and unfortunately in the way I’d predicted some time ago now… I remain extremely concerned that we’re very quickly running out of time… What’s been totally clear to me for some time now, is that this global coordinated response makes no sense once one understands the data, and how things have been set up with a PCR test not fit for purpose…and a gross over exaggeration of the virus, its novelty, and mortality – the aggressive propaganda/fear campaign, the divisive tactics (be it Democrat v Republican, masked v unmasked, all lives matter v black lives matter, women v men, black v white, religious beliefs, adults v children, haves v have-nots, pro-lockdown v against lockdown, and soon, vaccinated v unvaccinated… amongst many others)…What’s become increasingly clear to me is that this is a far greater agenda that’s being driven home aggressively by global organisations (WEF, UN, WHO, IMF), global leadership (literally the worlds leaders ex Belarus, Tanzania and a few others), with the support from mainstream media (this element – the constant fear propaganda and brainwashing has been most effective -with most, even some of the smartest brains out there turned to jelly; unable to think, to think rationally/critically, to question – people just gulp down the fear, and become paralysed by it, to such an extent that even when you put blatantly obvious factual data right in front of them, they fail to see it or will not see it, because seeing the facts have additional implications and consequences that most would rather not entertain..) – in addition, the military, police, and some of the world’s largest businesses (incl. Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the largest asset managers in the world..) are all in on this/all complicit. I’m in the asset management industry myself, and I’ve been shocked to see that virtually none of these supposed analytical people – research analysts, quants, fund managers etc are doing any detailed research in this regard; the consensus being “the vaccines are safe and effective and will see the world open up and return to normal”… – nobody is questioning anything – most cant wait to get in line to get their jab (incl. for their children, to protect grandma..); and they actually express concerns re anti-vaxxers/vaccine hesitancy yet they’ve done minimal research into Covid/’cases’, the PCR, death definitions, vaccines – absolute v relative efficacy/risk reduction; ADE/pathogenic priming, the fact that these so-called vaccines are experimental – taking these, you’re part of a clinical trial that comes to an end in 2023, but people do not know this (and they do not even know Covid IFR across age groups and risk factors to make a proper assessment of risk vs benefit) …Nuremberg code has been thrown out the window! The world’s leaders (incl. Merkel, and other previously highly rated leaders, and self-appointed global leaders, Gates and Schwab) are telling us we can only go back to normal once the world is vaccinated…even the WHO changed to definition of herd immunity to push vaccinations… (after they previously also changed the definition of ‘pandemic’ in 09’ to facilitate the swine flu swindle…as an aside, using the old definition of pandemic before this, Covid would likely not even meet that definition of a pandemic!).
I’ve been applying my mind …Given that I, like yourselves was putting lots of information together/doing lots of research to make sense of everything, and to try and awaken people [I might add, in so doing, I was told by my employer not to inform other staff members of my research findings as reporting WHO inconsistencies and the like is “unsettling” to staff… so rather suppress my free speech and keep it to myself!]… but after doing significant work over many months, I concluded that this response (lockdowns/curfews/essentially police states and coercion) does not make sense/it cannot be justified, the data has been manipulated and over-stated, and media have spread fear, endless so-called Covid ‘information’ including hospitalisation data without any context, half-truths and blatant lies! After having unearthed what I have, it was time for me to ask the question ‘why’?…
This is my summary in trying to answer this (supported by statements by Wolfgang Wodarg and others who’ve highlighted one aspect – that is, to push ‘immunity passports’, but why do so…what’s the plan? Here’s my thoughts:
Immunity/vaccine passports + digital ID2020 (incl. human barcoding via quantum dot microneedle vaccination delivery system/Luciferase – all Gates/Microsoft again..) + central bank digital currencies (China has rolled out theirs already) + Gates/Microsoft’s infamous 666 patent, that is, ‘cryptocurrency linked to body activity data’ (… mark of the beast..) + smart cities = surveillance state/surveillance world + China’s social credit system (China is essentially the model…and rolling out a social credit system will assist with the climate change agenda, amongst others, and ensure people eat insects, plants and drink recycled sewerage water the way the WEF envisions…amongst other major societal changes that will be forced upon humanity; all the quarantine/isolation/concentration camps will assist in dealing with any dissent).
The end result = a global authoritarian technocracy. A dystopia. [aligned with Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset where you’ll have ‘no privacy, own no property, but be happy’…also according to Schwab’s 4th Industrial revolution they’ll be monitoring our thoughts too in the future… (do read his books, this man is extremely dangerous!) with each mandatory vaccination they’ll be able to do as they please – experiment/cull/’re-program’, they decide – and remember, with mutations and the precedent that’s being set, there won’t need to be much of a reason for why you need your next mandatory shot (perhaps just another variant/mutation of which there are thousands).. This makes the Schwabs and Gates of the world very excited indeed! Ongoing riskless (for them) experimentation on live human subjects…history repeats…!
Even if I am not totally correct with respect to my above expectation, it remains VERY concerning, and the setup is there; the world needs to rise VERY soon and collectively – the response cannot be in silos! We’ve seen over the last year that court action across the world has come to nought, and the supposed political opposition across the globe are either in on this global agenda, or also paralysed by fear/not wanting to take a risk to go against the narrative…)…lastly, whilst protest action appears to be rising which is necessary, there needs to be many millions more feet out on the streets – and it needs to be both global, and persistent.. only numbers can turn the tide, and the numbers need to be so compelling that it gathers even greater numbers, so much so that the mainstream media will be forced to report such. The media’s role is massive in this, and always has been – successfully turn the media, and you will turn the masses (including the military and the police). This is the first time in many years that many of the evil/sinister players are all out in the open, ripe to be overthrown for once and for all! …However, whilst being out in the open means they’re at their most vulnerable, at the same time they’re therefore also increasingly desperate and are at their most dangerous – they need to see this through at all costs. We cannot let them.