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23 November 2020

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

The most miserable year of my life, not because of the fear of the virus but because of the absolutely inhumane unfounded unscientific lockdowns, social distancing measures and forced mask wearing that make absolutely no sense!! The lockdowns have caused me so much anxiety I have contemplated suicide twice, fortunately my kids have been my saving grace. I have lost 75 % of my annual income (small business in international tourism) and have had to reinvent myself. I am so stressed sometimes i feel as if I cant breath my chest is so tight. I had visions right in the beginning (and I never even knew about conspiracy theories) of civil unrest, forced vaccines, tracking and tracing, big tech censorship, digital warfare, spiritual warfare, total domination through AI, and the implementation of the great reset (NWO))… in other words I realized very early on that COVID 19 is just a smoke screen. This year has caused me so much stress i am surprised i am still alive! I decided it was my duty to speak up about it so have been sharing all PANDA’s stuff from the beginning. You guys too (beside’s my children) have been my saving grace because it was only the stats that made me realize I wasn’t mad.