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20 December 2020


Dear Panda
The data you present is great, but I have one small criticism.
I refer to the death rates you report per country, region or globally. I assume that these are deaths reported by different authorities which have been reported directly as Covid virus related deaths. It would be useful to mark them as “Covid related” on all the plots.


In addition, it would also be instructive to get deaths reported per country regardless of “cause” , where available of course. This helps to get some perspective on “excess deaths” by comparing to “Covid” reported deaths. For example in Switzerland, which has an excellent statistics office, the total death rates are useful to look at on a weekly basis and over the past couple of years.

Switzerland total deaths (all causes) for the period 2015 to 2020.

Year: Deaths : Population : % deaths
2015: 68’786 : 8,327,126 : 0.826%
2016: 64’649 : 8,419,550 : 0.768%
2017: 66′ 703 : 8,484,130 : 0.786%
2018: 66’888 : 8,544,527 : 0.783%
2019: 67’515 : 8,606,033 : 0.785%
2020: 67’477 (to week 49) : 8,655,118 : —
2020: 71’576 (FC to week 52) : 8,655,118 : 0.827%

So in 2020, the total death rate (%) (forecast) is actually lower than that in 2015 (so far). I don’t know why 2015 was a high death rate year, maybe the flu, or just a higher % of older people in the population that year etc..

Of course, the deaths in 2020 have had much higher “peaks” targeting vulnerable groups.

I have tried to compile the same for the UK, but its a long tough job.

So in comparison to 2015, there have been some 2800