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12 November 2020


My sister, in her early 50’s, living in the countryside outskirts of London, UK was affected by the lockdown there. She had her own business that relied on a lot of travel and contact with customers on a daily basis. Well the business dried up considerably and she was forced to sit at home and "do nothing" although she was continuously trying to find ways of making money and was applying for odd jobs and was getting interviews. She also suffered from depression and alcohol addiction and was on medication and therapy for these from the NHS, but it was a case of tablets for the depression and the local AA for the alcohol. Well, we were all completely devastated when she committed suicide in August, 2020. While I think that her general mental health was the primary reason for what she did, the lockdown and resultant loss of business was an additional imposed stress that most definitely acted as contributing factor. She was also the sort of person who was too proud to apply for any sort of welfare relief. Well, I honestly don’t think these sorts of deaths will get recorded officially as "covid" related, but at least they get told anecdotally. Thank you.