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12 November 2020

Anonymous – UK

My mum due to lockdown and a very ill dementia sufferer husband needing full time care and care help got a blood clot needing a stent may 27th. My mum was 72 and full of life an emergency op 99.7% of people survive easily. The lack of exercise and being on the tablet computer more assisted this happening. The hospital refused anyone to go with her or be at the hospital.mum had rang said they had no access to her records. I rang back after 20 mins that night to say she was on 4 meds for acid due to a damaged throat valve and for acid reflux mainly.they were told not to give her any abrasive foods etc. At 4am they rang and said could I get there she was in danger they had stuck her on a ventilator instead of giving oxygen due to protocols. The ventilator killed her instantly due to her throat issue. My brother got there before it was turned off. The lawyers say they will take the case free but now the law says that only the person with power of eternity for her husband – not related or interestedcantake this forward. I was adopted at birth and took 50years to find my mum.she was lovely for 2 years before the cbd deep state murdered her. I love you mum.let there be justice .