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22 April 2021


My parents, both in their mid seventies, both with significant comorbidities (diabetes, CHF, obesity), got CV19. Despite enduring somewhat severe symptoms -digestive and respiratory, accompanied by persistent fever, weakness, cough, and below normal oxygen values- they were both adamant that they would not go to the hospital, because they were terrified of being placed on ventilators.

Desperate, I researched for the elusive cure (carefully absconded by the ‘authorities’ keen on pushing the ‘prevention’ in the form of mRNA or adenovirus viral vector). It became clear that HCQ or azithromycin taken early in the course of the disease, along with adjuvant virus-fighting vitamins and supplements such as allicin and vitamin C, plus vitamin D for immune support, would help. They also took Zn, made frequent inhalations with salt water, practiced breathing exercises, and sat in the orthopneic position (or laid prone) for maximum lung expansion. Thankfully neither of them experienced the immune system overreaction that would have called for dexamethasone. At the end of 3 long weeks, they both started feeling a lot better, the fever and cough relented, and the only remaining issue is tiredness/weakness, which is to be expected when the body mounts such a fight.

You have to ask yourself why, when a treatment is available, and efficacious on even the most vulnerable, the narrative being pushed never mentions it.