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18 April 2021


I was first in my family to develop COVID, the only one fully at home 99% of the time, masked, scared, barely outside. The rest of the family were at work or school. Was winter, probably not eating or supplementing as well as I should have been.
Excellent silver lining of COVID was waking up to the reality of the situation, finding out the truth.
Mainly headaches, malaise – a week in, having no clue it was more than bad migraine attack, decided to get checked out.
You can only be seen by nurses in a clinic. Or the ER (no way).
They asked about a PCR test, I said “you think I should?” and they said sometimes just headaches = COVID. All other vitals normal. I took it, and that night lost sense of taste. Test came back positive, by then I’d infected my husband and son (who knew? Such odd and mild symptoms – zero upper respiratory, no fever, 99 blood ox).
Never missed a day of WFH, online for work entire 2 weeks as I slowly healed. Teen son better in a few days, husband about a week of similar malaise, low fever.
Treated mainly with homeopathics (gelsemium, kali bic, arsenicum).
Worst symptom? FEAR. I was terrified.
2 weeks in, almost all better, I suddenly felt awful again. Called my Dr. , telehealth call. Can’t hear my lungs – tells me, oh this happens all the time, it’s up and down, don’t worry.
I was worried. I called Dr. Zev Zelenko, the Zelenko Protocol guy – hydroxychloroquine, plus zinc and zpack. I’d been taking C, D, Zinc and quercetin, but decided time to call in the big guns.
I had HCQ at home already, thank G-d for Dr. Stella Immanuel’s clinic in Rehoboth, TX, I filled the script and it was waiting for me when I needed it. Walmart Pharmacy filled it for me (not so easy to get it filled – pharmacies decide apparently whether CDC/FDA guidelines are rules, rather than an MD’s opinion). I took the first pill, said goodbye to my family, and got in bed waiting to die. Of course with Zinc – the 200mg HCQ goes with 50mg Zinc Sulfate (I like ionic liquid zinc)
Nothing happened. I didn’t die, or stop breathing, or have a heart attack!
By the next evening, I felt much better. Other friends recovered with the protocol, too. Cost a whopping $20 for all parts (I also took a 250mg Zpack).

If people had HCQ or ivermectin in their cabinets for emergency, there would be no pandemic. If at-risk people took it preventatively, which is ONE pill a week after a loading dose, with zinc, we would not have a pandemic. We’d have far fewer deaths than flu. Because this treatment actually cures early stage (!!) disease. It’s not for late stage, and it’s not to be used with just HCQ. It’s the combination.

I started researching. I realized it’s a complete scam and crime against humanity to deny this simple, safe, cheap, effective set of meds/supplements.
Then I discovered the dangers and non-necessity of the vaccine.