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16 November 2020

Anonymous – USA

I am not a denier that we are amidst a health crisis. In these uncertain times our “esteemed” leaders are not informing the public but terrorizing them. The stats in the US are being manipulated to serve many purposes which quite honestly I do not understand. In the state I live in our governor mandated to our physicians that any individual that dies and at the time of death tested positive for covid 19 be deemed a covid death. That is an individual, for example, with terminal cancer, or heart attack who contracted covid in a hospital or nursing home, succumbs to their long term illness, is automatically listed as a covid death? How may this affect the surviving family with death benefit payouts? I have already heard accounts of insurance companies denying death benefits because the death was listed as covid. He also mandated that if a physician “thinks” the patient had covid, to mark it as a covid death on the death certificate! Now I am no legal advisor, but if a physician does follow the governor, based on a “hunch” and signs his or her name on a death certificate, isn’t that an illegal act that governor is mandating? In the US, its easy: follow the political gain, follow the monetary gain and you will find you answer! Following the data seems to be a great talking point, but unfortunately here is only that.