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24 November 2020

Bernhard Kirschner – SOUTH AFRICA

In March 2020, when I read that most of the deaths from SARS-CoV-2 were from the elderly with co-morbidities, I could not understand the reasoning behind locking down the entire population.

Knowing a bit about HTML, I published a website, suggesting what I called Plan B, which was to concentrate on protecting the most vulnerable. I could not understand the reaction to this disease with South Africa and the rest of the world introducing restrictions guaranteed to cause a catastrophe, especially having previously ignored so much other preventable death.
The official reaction to Covid-19 became a full-time obsession with me. I subscribed to multiple newspapers and medical journals. Each day as I found new information, I would add it to my website where I followed the advice from the WHO and CDC, such as at the time not to wear masks.

I sent out press releases to every media outlet that I could find, without a single response. I tried to speak to local radio hosts but was shut down. Additionally, almost everyone had been, and still are so terrified of the virus, that they accepted what they were told by the government and a very willing and compliant media. My friends and family believed and still do that I went lockdown crazy.

There were many like-minded who questioned official policies, such as the PANDA group and Ivor Cummins, but since criticism was suppressed, we did not know of each other. Although I had been in IT for 40 years, I had looked down on social media and did not know how to use it to spread my message.

During the last few months, there has been a growing acceptance that maybe the reaction to Covid-19 had been and still is the biggest mistake in history, which is the heading of my website at