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29 May 2021

BizNews: Nick Hudson of Panda – ‘Look very carefully at what else is being censored’ 


“This week, Facebook ended its ban on posts asserting that Covid-19 was man-made or manufactured. The stunning policy reversal came as evidence is rapidly surfacing that the origin of Covid-19 may, in fact, be the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Facebook’s ban is one of the many examples of censorship that have taken place concerning Covid-19 over the last 18 months. PANDA, Pandemics ~ Data & Analysis, – and its co-founder Nick Hudson – have unapologetically spoken out against senseless lockdown regulations – and been censored as a result. Nick Hudson joined the BizNews Power Hour to talk about these latest findings. An insightful discussion ensued between Hudson, BizNews founder Alec Hogg and Counterpoint value fund manager Piet Viljoen.

Nick Hudson on his journey with PANDA:

Well, I must say it’s been a very stimulating year. I didn’t at the time expect that it would take this kind of trajectory. But to answer your first question of why; it was very much the same reason – we were alarmed at the madness that was going on in the media and noticing an enormous gap between the actual data that was emerging early – I’m talking now about March of last year – and what the media was saying.”

On the changing narrative around Covid-19:

Well, it’s an amazingly polarised world that we started with a year ago before this arrived, and then what happened is there was a concerted effort to drive fear by public health officials. And now – I mean, the last three weeks have been absolutely, absolutely sensational. I’m feeling very chipper at the moment because I can see this narrative coming apart very rapidly. It’s unraveling at a rate. And one of the things that was not reported on widely in the news in South Africa was that advisers – behavioral scientists to the Sage organisation in the UK (that’s the sort of corollary of our Mac in South Africa) – came out saying that they thought that the methods that had been adopted by Sage to deliberately manipulate the population and drive a narrative of fear were unethical. 

They’ve stepped out of the organisation and criticised what the organisation has been doing. And so now we have, I wouldn’t say the first proof – because there’s plenty of proof that this has been going on, their behavioral scientists all over the place. We’ve got them on our Mac. In Germany, a document was leaked where they were actually talking about what they needed to do to undermine the cognitive faculties of the population in order to get them to adopt a more fearful position. So, you know, we’ve had evidence of this for a long time, but this was now an admission from within that couldn’t be ignored. And it was indeed picked up in mainstream media in the UK – but not repeated in the rest of the world, which I find quite disturbing.

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