You are right to feel that something is not right.
You are right to feel that you are being manipulated.

Behavioural Science is a field of psychology used to change behaviour and views by influencing and nudging the unconscious mind. Teams are engaged by governments and institutions globally with the prime purpose of altering your decisions and behaviours.

But you can break the chains and set your decision-making free.

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“You are right” aimed at promoting cognitive dissonance.

#youareright #breakingthechains

An intervention to provide balance to the onslaught of individuality versus collectivism

#breakingthechains Human history is full of individuals who went contrary to their society and impacted humanity.

The Covid-19 pandemic and everything associated with it has become highly polarised. It has forced many to take strong positions on how they feel, entrenching them into belief structures.

In the case of Group Identity, the drive to create a group (and therefore an out-group) is derived from our evolution for survival which was improved by the assimilation into groups “like us” that would accept us, and improved our ability to quickly identify those who were not. This is a parable for now.