Thread by Todd Kenyon @TTBikeFit Feb 19, 2022

Thread by Todd Kenyon @TTBikeFit Feb 19, 2022

PHS (Public Health Scotland) has now decided that it’s CRUCIAL to adhere to best practices in data presentation and analysis. As such, they will stop reporting data by vaccination status. And I found something very fishy.

Thread by @abirballan Jan 20, 2022

Despite the IFR of COVID being similar to that of the flu, (a fact known to gov), unjustified policies continue. It is time to “put a nail in the IFR coffin. It is time proportionality is upheld again as a key principle in our public life.

Thread by @NickHudsonCT Jan 21, 2022

When @pandata19 pointed out that Groote Schuur Hospital’s vaccine efficacy pictogram was deceptive, and called for data transparency, media shills went bananas.