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05 November 2020

COVID-19 Test Methodology and Lockdown Devastation

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Professor Gupta discusses COVID-19 test and trace methodology and Lockdown Devastation

Talk Radio

In this interview with talkRADIO, Professor Sunetra Gupta discusses the COVID-19 test and trace programme and highlights the misuse of resources in following this approach. Professor Gupta explains her reasoning and highlights the preferred alternative use of resources which is to protect the vulnerable. The test and trace programme and extended lockdown have not achieved the goals they set out ot achieve, but have instead had a devastating effect on the economy and  society at large.

It would appear, Professor Gupta explained, that the UK might have missed an opportunity during the summer months to extend community immunity.

When asked how her alternative position to the COVID-19 pandemic had affected her, she talks about how personal some of the attacks on her and her colleagues have been, without any attempt at dignified scientific debate.