Discovery South Africa and informed consent
18 September 2021

PANDA requested that Discovery Health remove misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccines from their FAQ page on the Discovery website. Here is the correspondence between PANDA, Adrian Gore and Ryan Noach on this matter.

Sent 13 August 2021

Received 30 August 2021

Sent 17 September 2021

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The most notable feature of the Covid epidemic is the degree to which media propaganda has departed from the facts. Unprecedented and previously contra-indicated measures were tried and failed, yet persist nonetheless. As the goalposts have been constantly shifted, increasing numbers of citizens have woken up to the harsh reality of the political agenda behind the propaganda and the extent to which their governments and captured public health institutions have lied to them. Under cover of an exaggerated emergency, a new vision for our future is being implemented, without our consent.