Do Covid curbs harm our children?
26 October 2021

CWhat are we doing to our children: Do Covid Curbs Harm our Children?

Dear Sir,

A new school year begins and here we go again.

Already children not able to come to school, children sent home, classes closed, children in bubbles   and teachers isolating, education severely disrupted throughout the province.

And despite all the evidence that masks don’t work and are harmful we are still insisting our children wear masks, yet in all other parts of the UK children don’t have to wear them. Here is what SAGE says “Non-pharmaceutical interventions such as mask-wearing and social distancing shape the environment in which a virus transmits and may act as selection pressures for increased viral transmission”.

Why has there been still no assessment of the benefits of wearing them, if any, or of the damage they cause?

Why is society still labouring under a flawed PCR test, which is far too sensitive and is producing huge numbers of “cases” which aren’t cases at all?

According to Professor Craig 5000 virus particles are needed for a person to be infected or infectious yet our PCR test is set up to detect 4!  We are using a cycle frequency of 45 cycles, according to the Northern and the Southern Health trusts, yet the inventor recommended 25 cycles. This means we are sending children home who have tested positive but are neither infected nor infectious, damaging their education and potentially damaging them

The key issue surely, is have children been helped by the Covid policies? Are the sacrifices made by the children justified? Exams abandoned, sport curtailed, education and therefore  life chances damaged, self harm increasing, mental health in crisis. The UNESCO report on the effects of Covid policy on children is damning and cites 12 adverse effects starting with interrupted learning.

So, if we put children at the centre of decision making-how would we answer the following questions?

Why do children need masks to protect them when they have a 99.998% survival chance and when according to Professor Heneghan of Oxford “There is no evidence that masks are protecting children and teachers in schools.”

Do masks harm children? The long term effects of denying their brains oxygen may be catastrophic, according to Dr Margareta Griesz-Brisson, one of Europe’s leading neurologists.

Are children being protected or harmed by being sent home to isolate?

How is their learning being affected?

Where is the attempt to balance the miniscule risk to children from Covid-19 against the widespread potential for harm? Professor Heneghan places the Infection Fatality Rate for children and young people as “near zero.”

Worryingly, why is no one asking these questions?


Hugh McCarthy MSc BSc (Hons) BA


Children have the right to pursue life, liberty, learning, leisure, love and laughter.

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