Doctors and Scientists Appeal to European Parliament To Reconsider The Covid-19 Policies Regarding Children

“Children shall have the right to such protection and care as is necessary for their well-being… In all actions relating to children, whether taken by public authorities or private institutions, the child”s best interests must be a primary consideration.”
Article 24 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

Although children have a negligible risk from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, their lives have been upended as a result of the response to Covid-19. Their health and wellbeing is at stake.

132 European doctors and scientists, supported by 57 colleagues from around the world have already signed the petition.

The petition is based on the Declaration for the Protection of children and young people from the Covid-19 response and the All Risk, Zero Benefit campaign.

The goals of the petition

  1. To get a public hearing in the European Parliament
  2. To allow doctors and scientists to testify in front of the European Parliament and European citizens
  3. To obtain a resolution to protect children from the harm of the Covid-19 response

How can you support it?

  1. Share the petition on all social media channels to create a buzz around it
  2. Send the petition to your MEP asking them to debate it in Parliament
  3. Organise weekly peaceful sit-ins in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Brussels or other locations in Europe to pressure Parliament to accelerate a public hearing

Phase 1

Petition lodged on 25/01/2022 by Prof Dr Martin Zizi on behalf of all signatories

Prof Zizi is from Belgium. He has an MD-PhD, Biophysics, Molecular Epidemiology. He is the former CSO of BE DoD, former EU parliament & UN advisor, ex-UNSCOM Bioweapon Inspector, Chair of Bioethical Commission, ex.VUB and KULeuven

Petition emailed on 28/01/2022 to all MEPs, cc’d to the European Ombudsman and the European Medicine Agency (EMA)

Read the email here

Online seminar organised by MEPs Michèle Rivasi and Rosa D’Amato, as well as Notre Bon Droit and PANDA, entitled: ‘European Digital Covid Certificate: Assessment and Prospects’- April 20th, 2022 (in French, in English or in Italian)

Phase 2

Petition was allocated on 20/04/2022 to the special committee on “COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and recommendations for the future” – COVI – (2022/0000(RSO).

This committee is tasked to review the management of the Covid-19 pandemic. See the committee’s mandate and composition. Find COVI’s upcoming meetings & documents and watch the meetings transmitted live on the European Parliament Multimedia Platform.


A summary of the petition was published on the EP website (translations available in all EU languages). Unfortunately, the summary is not true to the content of the petition and the petition was closed without consideration. Thus it is not open for voting by the public. See the announcement on the EP website.


Dr Martin Zizi, who lodged the petition on behalf of the signatories, wrote to the EP to contest the closure and urge for a public hearing. Find the letter here. Further developments to be shared in time.


Publication of Petition

The petition is translated in all EU languages and published on EP website. It is then open for support by all European citizens and residents (link will be shared in time)


Public hearing

Doctors and scientists are invited by EP to present their evidence in support of the petition



If there is enough support, the EU parliament issues a resolution on the matter