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04 April 2021

Francisco G Nobrega – BRAZIL

1) A problem that we have in Brazil, possibly more acute than in rich countries, resides in a characteristic of the lockdown mentality that is strongly advertised and enforced by the media: stay home and get all you need by requesting delivery. This is a mandate that can be followed by the rich small proportion of the population but impossible or too expensive for the large majority like a bakery will not sell you bread at the front door but only sent it to you by a delivery person on a motorcycle.
2) The video about the ugly truth is a masterpiece explaining the gross inventions and lies used to support the “pandemic” crisis. I thank Nick Hudson for the great work. BUT there is an important piece missing and that is the medical side – the treatment of the COVID-19 patients. Possibly this isn’t your focus but, proper early intervention is the missing element that would turn the coronavirus infection into just another easily managed disease. Its lack is the main support for all the rhetoric and scares stories that support the authoritarian stance and lockdown policies, a great part in favor of expensive and inefficient high complexity hospital treatment, expensive new proprietary drugs, and worldwide massive vaccination as the final act to end the created scourge. There is a tremendous effort to suppress the knowledge (practical results and published research) that demonstrate repurposed safe and cheap drugs and nutritional associations work very well in the initial phase of the infection when the virus is starting its replication in our cells and the dangerous inflammatory phase hasn’t started. Countries where the power of those interests is reduced (China, South Korea, India, Senegal, Costa Rica, etc.) use early treatment and the number of deaths adjusted to the population confirms results. It would be great if PANDA could address this side of the equation and illuminate it with your powerful data system.