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A Critical Analysis of the Covid Response

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 global pandemic, many issues have arisen that run contrary to historical precedents and known and practiced public health principles of the last century. This article discusses some of these issues.

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BizNews publishes PANDA’s reply to Daily Maverick hit piece

At stake is a crucial aspect of free speech. Though the Daily Maverick may consider PANDA’s speech inconvenient, it certainly does not constitute hate speech or defamation – two accepted limitations on free speech. The clear intention of the Daily Maverick article is to silence PANDA’s voice. Publishing personal information about selected members and their employers knowing that it was irrelevant to the topic of the article can have had no other purpose.

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Will the Truth on COVID Restrictions Really Prevail? – Scott Atlas

The consequences of the SARS2 coronavirus pandemic and its management have been enormous. Over 400,000 American deaths have been attributed to the virus; more will certainly follow.  Even after almost a year, the pandemic still paralyzes our country. Despite all efforts, there has been an undeniable failure to stop cases from rapidly escalating and preventing hospitalizations and death. 

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Analysis: How Bad Is The Bug?

Assessing the lethality of SARS-CoV2 in spring 2020 by comparing the age distribution of deceased SARS-CoV2-positives with the age distribution of all deceased from the mortality register in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and England.

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