Essential Questions to WHO on Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Essential Questions to WHO on Pandemic Preparedness and Response

In line with the founding principles of the WHO and orthodox principles of public health, PANDA has decided to publish its submission for the INB hearings in advance, to encourage open debate in ensuring global pandemic preparedness is underpinned by a strong evidence base, which gives full consideration to the COVID-19 response. 

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Here’s Why a WHO-Led Pandemic Treaty is a Terrible Idea

Here’s Why a WHO-Led Pandemic Treaty is a Terrible Idea

by Dr David Thunder | The World Health Organization has proposed that the international community negotiate and eventually ratify an international “accord” or “treaty” that would effectively consolidate the position of the WHO as the pre-eminent public authority responsible for guiding and coordinating international pandemic responses.

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Origins and Trajectories of the COVID Phenomenon

Origins and Trajectories of the COVID Phenomenon

by Nick Hudson | A bare-boned opinion on the broader context of the CORONAcrisis. It is intended to inspire people to add flesh to the counter-narrative that we must generate to avoid the dystopia that is threatened.

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Welcome to Clown World: Part 1 – Masks

This is the first of a series of articles by Nick Hudson on the political clown world that public health has become as most of the world has abandoned all guidelines and principles of public health in favour of previously contraindicated policies that have turned out to be ineffectual and very damaging.

Welcome to Clown World: Part 2 — Vaccine Zealots

From the start, PANDA has maintained that vaccination should be approached from the same risk-benefit perspective that forms the basis of all good public health policies and animates our other perspectives on the pandemic.

Welcome to Clown World: Part 3 – The politics of Covid

A false narrative about Covid has supported ineffective and highly destructive policies leading to the evisceration of individual rights, democracy and the rule of law in the name of a disease that presents negligible risk to most of the population. Virtually every element of the response has not been based on good science and the data prove that wherever you look.

The UK ‘Vaccination’ Programme. Part 1: Adverse Drug Reactions and Deaths

It’s been nine months now since I analysed the statistics on official ‘COVID-19 deaths’ published by the institutions responsible for justifying the regulations and programmes of the UK biosecurity state. These include the Office for National Statistics, the National Health Service and Public Health England. Together with concerned reports from medical bodies, including Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Society, these statistics strongly suggested that at least half the 80,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in 2020 resulted from the withdrawal of medical diagnosis, treatment and care under lockdown restrictions. However, this is a conservative estimate, and doesn’t include the 20,000 excess deaths in care homes last year swept under the COVID-19 carpet.

The UK ‘Vaccination’ Programme. Part 2: Virtue and Terror

For publishing the figures on adverse drug reactions and deaths following injection with a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ that I discussed in Part 1 of this article, my account was temporarily suspended by Twitter for what it said was ‘spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.’ In addition to this suspension, my post was removed because, Twitter claimed, it included ‘content that goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information’.

The UK ‘Vaccination’ Programme. Part 3: Resistance

Predicting the future, as someone once said, is a fool’s game; but in attempting to anticipate, at least, how the UK biosecurity state will develop and expand, I have one guiding premise. Given the political will, the technology to enable that will, and the lack of opposition to it — or, which amounts to the same thing, the financial and legislative power to overcome that opposition — how would those who have this will, dispose of this technology, face this lack of opposition or wield this power, use it and to what ends? What, in short, would those with power do if they could do it? I wasn’t alone in my fears that social-distancing, compulsory face coverings and digital tracking aps would lead to mandatory testing and ‘vaccination’ as a condition of citizenship.

Welcome to Clown World: Part 4 — An extraordinary week

Last week gets my vote for the most eventful one in the two years of madness that has been the Covid policy response. These are the significant events that were underreported or mischaracterised by mainstream media.


A picture tells a thousand words: or does it?

A picture tells a thousand words: or does it?

The USA has taken a central role in attempting to drive changes to streamline and make more enforceable a WHO-led centralized response to future pandemics. It has to be asked whether they should be involved in public health planning at all.

International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaties – What is the Deal?

International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaties – What is the Deal?

by Dr David Bell | The mechanisms for increasing direct WHO control of pandemics through the International Health Regulations and the WHO Pandemic Treaty have strong backing from private sector funders of the WHO and from many national governments. And the most likely scenario for preventing the adoption of the two new mechanisms is for populations in democratic States to stimulate open debate.


The New Global Health: Doing Good by Hammering the Poor

by David Bell | “Doing good” on a global scale has never been so popular, and never more profitable. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) ongoing pandemic treaty negotiations hold promise to lock in this edifying upwards shift of wealth, enabling a repetitive regime of lockdowns, border closures and coerced vaccination to continue the impoverishment and subjugation of those less fortunate. 

Freedom Is Our Birthright, Not Dependent On Medical Status

by David Bell | On occasion the majority may need to swallow a risk for a time. Sometimes respecting the freedom of others will seem to cost us, but codifying human rights, and insisting on process, legalism, and law gives wisdom time to overcome fear.

20 Lies

by Nick Hudson | There are many pillars that support the Covid narrative. This collection of 20 of the most pervasive myths include the reality of each, with references.

BizNews Mailbox: PANDA’s Hudson hits back hard after Vegter’s “scandalous criminal accusations”

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many have questioned the motives behind lockdowns, virus regulations and, more recently, vaccines. Global advocacy group PANDA has spoken out against myriad decisions, questioning those in charge and challenging statistics and information. While they’ve garnered support along the way, the think-tank has also gained its fair share of critics. Below, PANDA’s founder Nick Hudson replies in a detailed article.

Reply to Webber Wentzel’s article in the Daily Maverick, 2 Dec 2021

Whilst a conciliatory approach is always advisable, the reality is that PANDA has been approached by a great many employees asking for assistance and advice in circumstances where employers have unfortunately been neither fair nor principled in their approach to employees who choose not to vaccinate.

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