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A ‘fake news’ boomerang – Daily Friend

PANDA believes that the people of South Africa will do the right thing if they are empowered with accurate information. This team’s purpose has been to consider all of the science and to separate the good science from the bad and promote the former.

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Biznews: Busting Myths about Cases

We must all be wary of a second wave being manufactured by increases in testing that are presented to us as an increase in cases. It is foolhardy to focus our attention on one disease alone instead of the overall impact of policy choices we make. When we do focus on one disease alone, we should certainly not focus on positive tests but rather on death and hospitalisation data.

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Examining Excess Deaths Reporting

There is a persistent narrative that South Africa’s official COVID-19 death tally is significantly undercounted because reported excess deaths are higher than the official COVID-19 death toll. It is time to dispel  the  three most prominent myths around South Africa’s excess death reporting.

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Five reasons people stopped listening to Covid-19 modellers

Epidemiological modellers have made themselves irrelevant by producing work that failed to align with reality and they remain unrepentant in the face of overwhelming evidence of their failings. They made themselves irrelevant by choosing to support the hand that feeds them and allowing their work to be used to justify violations of our constitutional rights through illegal lockdowns that destroy lives and livelihoods on a daily basis.

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The evidence is in: the lockdown has been a catastrophic failure

It’s a catastrophe. The lockdown could kill far more people than the virus.
“What has happened in the last four months is the greatest social injustice in SA’s history since apartheid,” says PANDA co-founder Nick Hudson. “The lockdown is based on bad science, poor modelling and even worse judgment on the part of the government.”

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Panda challenges Covid-19 experts to return to ‘reality’

Shayne Krige, a lawyer with Panda, says it helps the government to show a large number of deaths. “To establish that the lockdown regulations are rational, the government has to show, on an ongoing basis, that Covid presents a serious risk. And in order to show that the draconian lockdown measures the government adopted were proportionate to the harm, the number of people who could die needs to be high,” he says.

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