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05 February 2021


Public health is never about ONE virus. This, according to Dr. Martin Kulldorff, epidemiologist and public health researcher at Harvard Medical School, is Public Health 101. Public health measures must take into consideration outcomes for the entire public. They should aim to foster equality not inequality. The basic idea that those rich enough to sit at home working on Zoom, while they get food delivered to their homes by “essential” workers, and all essential workers are out there working away while the rich shelter at home, is in NO WAY aiming for equality. Poor kids have no options for school in districts that are remote while kids whose parents can send them, out of desperation to keep them mentally healthy, to private schools, is not what any public health entity should be accepting as a successful strategy. Furthermore, how did teachers not make the list of “essential workers”?! You have to work at Home Depot but you don’t need to care for and educate the nation’s children?!! WHAT?!

The WH0’s definition of a pandemic is “an infection that spreads over a wide area and affects a large proportion of the population”. We KNOW that this virus kills a tiny percentage of the population. One one hundredths of one percent, in fact. .01%. We know, scientifically speaking, that this has been proven over and over again by scientists and doctors all over the world. We know that it is in the range of 1000 times more dangerous for the elderly/infirm and other at risk groups, than the vast majority of the human population. We know this. This is a fact.

A group of 53,000 medical and public health scientists and infectious disease epidemiologists worldwide, are gravely concerned about the obvious and horrific collateral damage that is plaguing the ENTIRE population both physically and mentally as a result of the current covid-19 policies. These policies are also most devastating for the poor, all disadvantaged groups and children, above all. They recommend a Focused Protection Strategy as outlined in the Great Barrington Declaration. Amongst the authors is one of the top infectious disease researchers in THE WORLD, at Oxford University, Sunetra Gupta. She is currently working on a universal flu vaccine. She has been studying how viruses work for her entire career. Gupta, as yet, has not been allowed to meet with any policy makers to conduct a roundtable discussion of ideas. This is a bizarre and terrifying development in the world of public discourse and public policy. This is tragic. And it’s killing people.