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10 May 2021


I am exhausted by the battles I fight internally every day. Battles between common sense, critical thinking and knowing what is happening is very wrong, and being forced to comply with insane and ridiculous rules and not being allowed to live a meaningful life, and with my conscience from having to lie to be accepted in a society I no longer recognise.


I am made to feel unworthy of my own existence by being forced to wear a face covering and not being allowed to touch anyone or stand within 2m of anyone. This is demoralising and depressing. I live alone so this means I have no one to comfort me or give me a hug. This is inhumane and probably the worst aspect of ‘lockdown’ for me, above and beyond loosing my very successful travel business of 33 years.

My indoctrinated friends and family have stayed away from me during this latest ‘lockdown’ (5 months) and continue to do so even now when we are ‘allowed’ to meet up to 6 people from 2 households outside. This adds to the feeling of rejection and unworthiness.

The UK’s obsession with vaccinating perfectly healthy and low risk people and the likelihood of vaccine passports is the final nail in the coffin. It has caused a further rift with friends and family, who tell me it is my moral duty to get vaccinated and that vaccine passports will be a good thing.

I was a free-spirited, happy, truthful individual who had a voice. Now I am an outcaste whose voice is suppressed because I am labelled either a cynic or conspiracist, which I am not, so I have to lie to be accepted in society.

Everything I believed in, aspired to and lived for no longer seems to count and life has become an endless chain of pointless days.

Listening to Nick talk helps me to feel less alone and instills some hope that common sense will prevail – thank you Nick and all at Panda.