Podcast: Amendments to notifiable disease regulations

15 October 2020

Amendments to health regulations: Lester Kiewit speaks to Shayne Krige, a lawyer with Pandemics ~ Data and Analytics (PANDA) to understand Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize’s move to introduce a number of amendments to the regulations relating to the surveillance and control of notifiable medical conditions.

“Who has the authority to make the laws and who is checking what laws are being made?
The Disaster Management Act is designed for a situation where there are no laws in place to deal with the situation. It is not meant to continue in perpetuity. ”

CapeTalk Podcast with PANDA’s Shayne Krige


Publisher’s note: The opinions and findings expressed in articles, reports and interviews on this website are not necessarily the opinions of PANDA, its directors or associates.

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