Informed Consent: Choice or Dilemma?

Informed Consent: Choice or Dilemma?

On Sunday 31 October, PANDA hosted a webinar focused on South African students as Covid-19 vaccines are being mandated for the country’s tertiary institutions. We encourage you to watch this, share it and refuse to accept the mandates.

Under the Wire podcast: Nick Hudson

Under the Wire podcast: Nick Hudson

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families. Our little Island is home to censored information; to facts and data that the government, corporations and industry would rather you didn’t have access to. We are a repository for research and evidence that one day just might save your life or the life of someone you love. Angie Reed & Nick Hudson Angie Reed & Nick Hudson

The most notable feature of the Covid epidemic is the degree to which media propaganda has departed from the facts. Unprecedented and previously contra-indicated measures were tried and failed, yet persist nonetheless. As the goalposts have been constantly shifted, increasing numbers of citizens have woken up to the harsh reality of the political agenda behind the propaganda and the extent to which their governments and captured public health institutions have lied to them. Under cover of an exaggerated emergency, a new vision for our future is being implemented, without our consent.

#13: Nick Hudson (PANDA) on Mandate Mayhem by Nocturnal Unwrap

#13: Nick Hudson (PANDA) on Mandate Mayhem by Nocturnal Unwrap

If you have been following the news over the past few months, you will – in all likelihood – have heard about, or witnessed your own organisation enforce, mandatory vaccinations. Joining me to discuss this is Nick Hudson. Nick is an actuary, investor, as well as the co-founder of PANDA. We talk about the distinction (or the lack thereof) between vaccine passports and vaccine mandates as well as whether these are commensurate with liberty. We moreover talk about the consequences of lockdowns and mask mandates, as well as the “lives vs profit” foundation upon which they find fertile tinder. Nick offers his thoughts on this.

Voices For Freedom: Freedom TV with PANDA’s Nick Hudson

Voices For Freedom: Freedom TV with PANDA’s Nick Hudson

Freedom TV hosted by Voices For Freedom co-founders (Claire, Alia & Libby) for an alternative report during New Zealand nationwide lockdown. Join us for this fascinating conversation with PANDA’s Nick Hudson beaming in from South Africa.

The Ugly Truth About The Covid-19 Lockdowns

PANDA’s co-founder, Nick Hudson, was the keynote speaker at the March 2020 inaugural BizNews Investment Conference in South Africa. His talk negates the fear and gives clear reasons why the only thing to fear is fear itself in the story of the Covid-19 pandemic response.

PandaCast | A Conversation with Sanjeev Sabhlok

PANDA’s Nick Hudson in conversation with Sanjeev Sabhlok, moral philosopher and economist based in Melbourne, Australia. After many years in civil service in both India and Australia, Sanjeev left the civil service to protest the Victorian government’s pandemic policies.

PandaCast | A Conversation with John Church

PANDA’s Peter Castleden in conversation with John Church who developed a simple IFR model to examine the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide.

PandaCast | A Conversation with Dr Knut Wittkowski

Dr Knut Wittkowski is a German epidemiologist and former Head of Biostatics, Epidemiology and Research Design at Rockefeller University.

PANDA Predictions: What We Got Right and Wrong

Peter Castleden and Piet Streicher of PANDA unpack the modelling and predictions that PANDA made in 2020 with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. This retrospective look at what PANDA got right and wrong in the predictions also provides insight into how the models are made.

The Spirit of Science | Jay Bhattacharya

Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Economics and Medicine at Stanford University, in conversation with Nick Hudson.

PandaCast | A Conversation with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Dr Wodarg is a German physician, health expert and activist, in conversation with PANDA’s Nick Hudson. Words of wisdom from a man who has seen this movie before, and journeyed to the inside of the whale.

PandaCast | A Conversation with Randy Hillier

Nick Hudson in conversation with independent Canadian MP, Randy Hillier.

The Spirit of Science | Clare Craig

PANDA’s Dr Clare Craig from the UK in conversation with Nick Hudson.
Clare is a diagnostic pathologist who has looked into the UK’s Covid testing strategy in great detail. In her own words she is a lover of data, digital pathology and AI, sceptical but optimistic.

Covid & Kids – a talk by PANDA’s Peter Castleden

PANDA Peter Castleden  was invited to speak about the risks Covid poses to our kids weighed up against the implications of lockdown and the measures imposed.

Peter talked to  a group of concerned teachers and parents from Cape Town, unpacking some of the evidence around the risk of Covid to children, masks on kids and potential for the virus spread.

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