Dr. David Wiseman PhD, MRPharmS: The Regulatory and Legal Updates Regarding Covid-19 Treatment

30 March 2022

Dr. Wiseman is a research scientist with a background in pharmacy, pharmacology and experimental pathology.

David obtained his PhD in “Lymphocyte-induced angiogenesis and lymphocyte high endothelial cell interactions” from the University of Manchester, and then carried out research on “The role of macrophages in wound and tumor angiogenesis. Macrophage subpopulations, role of TGFbeta and TNFalpha in angiogenesis and macrophage migration” as a postdoctoral scientist at Northwestern University.

David has also worked as a research scientists at Johnson & Johnson where he headed up a research program overseeing preclinical and clinical studies as well as submissions to the FDA. Since 1996 David has run his own R&D consulting business, helping companies develop medical products. He is also a journal peer-reviewer.

Since the start of the “Covid pandemic” David has put his other work on hold, and has spent much of the last two years researching, writing and advocating for early treatment, particularly the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. David has also taken a keen interest in the data regarding the roll out and continued use of the Covid-19 vaccines, and has appeared at, and supplied evidence for, various FDA and CDC meetings regarding the both roll out of the vaccines to various age groups, and the the use of booster doses.

On top of all of this David has also appeared at various other scientific meetings related to Covid-19 and it’s treatment, including Senator Ron Johnson’s recent panel discussion “Covid-19: A Second Opinion” (https://rumble.com/vt8n22-dr.-david-wiseman-full-highlights-senator-ron-johnson-covid-19-a-second-opi.html)

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