20 Lies

20 Lies

There are many pillars that support the Covid narrative. This collection of 20 of the most pervasive myths include the reality of each, with references.

Informed Consent

Informed Consent

Covid-19 injections are experimental therapies being deployed under emergency use authorisation (EUA). They are not fully approved by any regulatory body and have not undergone the complete review process required for full approval. All individuals have certain inalienable rights: informed consent and bodily autonomy being two of them.

Lehne die Spaltung ab! Nein zur Spaltung der Gesellschaft aufgrund des Impfstatus

Lehne die Spaltung ab! Nein zur Spaltung der Gesellschaft aufgrund des Impfstatus

In diesem Beitrag nennen wir dir 10 Gründe, warum die Corona-Impfung niemals verpflichtend sein sollte. Außerdem stellen wir dir Animap vor. Eine Liste von Branchen und Produkten von Unternehmen, aus allen Bereichen, die allen Menschen freien Zugang zu ihren Produkten und Dienstleistungen gewähren, unabhängig vom Impfstatus. Zudem nennen wir dir Möglichkeiten wie du die Spaltung ablehnen kannst.

Infobites: Facts Not Fear

Infobites: Facts Not Fear

This series of Infobites are designed to make the science surrounding COVID-19 accessible and understandable to anyone. Extra links as well as all references are included. Download it. Save it. Share it.

Draft letter to employers from Legal Representative or Union of Employee – South Africa

A pro forma letter that can be addressed to an employer by an attorney representing an employee whose employer has adopted a mandatory vaccination plan. It can be adapted as a letter from an employee or from a trade union to the employer.

Letter from Employer deciding not to implement mandatory vaccination – South Africa

A template letter for employers who decide not to implement mandatory vaccination, explaining their position. For use in South Africa.

20 Mites en Realiteite

Daar is baie pilare wat die Covid-narratief ondersteun. Hierdie versameling van 20 van die mees deurdringende mites sluit die realiteit van elkeen in, met verwysings.

South Africa: Letter to a University Council about Mandatory Vaccinations

This pro forma letter can be addressed to the Council of a University by a student of that University where the University has adopted, or intends to adopt, a mandatory vaccination plan. The letter can be adapted as a letter from the parent of the student, alternatively, from an attorney representing the student.

Letter Declining Mandatory Vaccination in the Workplace – South Africa

A template letter that can be edited as needed when an employer mandates a COVID-19 vaccine for employees. For use in South Africa.

Workplace Medical Disclosure letter – South Africa

A draft letter for employers regarding disclosure of vaccination status, written by our legal team for South Africa.

South Africa: Letter to School Declining Covid-19 Vaccination

A template letter for parents and caregivers to download and send to school to decline Covid-19 vaccination.


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