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23 May 2021

School Teacher – GREAT BRITAIN

I arrived at France ferry Terminal without buying a prepaid Covid Testing Package for £240 to enter Uk. I am a British Citizen.They would not allow me to board the Ferry without it. I asked to speak to immigration and during this phone conversation explained that I could acquire tests through my profession if necessary. These prepaid tests were too expensive. She agreed they were expensive – but that it was law. No-one from Immigration would talk face to face. Regular Ferry staff were asked to deal with me for three hours. Eventually I boarded the Ferry and bought the tests. On arrival to the UK – I checked out the Testing Centre from whom I had acquired test package. There were no available Terms or Conditions and no-one could find them when I asked. (The government and approved this!) My email confirmation of purchase never arrived either. A police officer knocked on my door one late evening (Day 3 of self isolation) . I was scared. he shone a torch through my darkened house. When I answered the door he said Border Police had asked him to check my Name and address and phone number. (He apologised! – he was ashamed and said it was not his job) My test package arrived. I asked the testing company what the test was made of – if there were potential allergens etc. No-one could answer the question. I sent the tests back and received results but they had the dates confused. I was shocked by the absurd and expensive inaccurate measures that carried so much weight. I am a Teacher and you get to know when someone’s hiding something or things don’t add up. After self-isolation I returned to work. I have been asked by every employer and some adult students if I am vaccinated. At first I would not answer, Now I say No. And since when did employers have the right to ask for my health status in public? I will not be able to force any other human being to wear a mask or take tests in schools when the reasoning does not make logical sense.