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23 November 2020

Shirley Renwick – SOUTH AFRICA

I have just read an article on Daily Maverick, calling itself an expert advisory on how to identify fake news. It includes this paragraph


“The CDC currently estimates that Covid in the US has a 0.65% infection fatality rate (deaths per person infected); that is six times the flu infection fatality rate of 0.1%. And 0.65% of the South African population is 390,000 people, nearly eight times our current excess deaths in the past months and nearly 20 times our official Covid deaths.”

If this is not blatant misleading information and fearmongering I don’t know what is!!

This is signed by a whole shopping list of experts.

I am really curious as to why the medical fraternity is pushing so hard with the narrative that Covid19 is the most deadly disease since 1918, and supporting the lockdown initiatives.