Anonymous – GERMANY

Having been stable for almost two decades, with the lockdown measures enforced upon us, the crushing force of trauma has taken control over me again. I never would have thought this was all lingering somewhere subconsciously, now I know for sure that with all the exterior world shut down, most of the factors giving me stability and structure have disappeared and so has my mental stability. I consider myself a victim of these unnecessary measures. Unnecessary, because here in Germany hospitals have never been close to triage, we had approximately 2 thirds of all hospital capacities in use, the number of beds in use has constantly moved between 19.500 and 20.500 beds, throughout the year!


I apologize in advance for the length of this post though I think it could be helpful in the end:

In early January 2020, I became ill with what we now understand to be the symptoms of SARS COVID 2; weeks of fatigue, labored breathing, low grade temp lasting ~5 days, chills, severe dry cough, loss of taste and olfactory sense as well as lesser mentioned ophthalmic and neurological and cognitive symptoms. Two doctors and two rounds of amoxycillin later with ZERO improvement.

In March of 2020, all levels of government began a year-long fear-fest aided by every segment of society from ‘news’ media, the social media/tech cabal and even the ‘scientific and medical community’ itself. They have essentially created a public health crisis apart from COVID.

Being of relatively low medical risk, I physically recovered BUT WE as a species have not even begun to seriously acknowledge the catastrophic mental health crisis that is coming our way. Unlike the virus, there will be no vaccine and no advocacy as strong as the force behind keeping the virus ‘alive.’

Fear has been injected into the population using instability, the breakdown of basic human social fibers including but not limited to; disruptions in education and faith-based practices, forced isolation, silencing of even the most educated and expert discourse and crushing basic critical thought and inquiry all leaving a grotesque and terrible imprint. As we know mental illness can also be viral – and intergenerational. This pandemic is in many ways more destructive than it’s host virus. A constant sense of being scrutinized and watched over and the systemic elimination of quality of life spawn and exacerbate unhealthy coping mechanisms leading to a sense of powerlessness and a diminished will to survive.

The voices in power shift policies and outcomes on a daily basis and have made it clear by now that normal will NEVER be normal again. Many speculate it is by design as part of some larger global . Just objective. little more than a year ago I would have thought this a radical and somewhat delusional hypothesis. But now seems at least somewhat plausible.

Corporate and political behemoths have much to gain from the pandemic power structure. When destabilization fails public shaming and punitive actions are the fall backs. History teaches us that once power is gained it is relinquished only by force (often violent).

Now – what does this all have to do with the coming pandemic within the pandemic? How long will hundreds of millions of people go through this without becoming enraged? If not expressed outwardly through civil unrest, domestic violence, child abuse, increase in violent crime, sexual violence etc. the rage will be turned inward leading to depression. Undiagnosed and untreated disorders produce anxiety , PTSD , and a host of other psychological and psychiatric disease. The sufferers use self medication (alcohol, drugs, food, etc) self harm behaviours such as cutting or trichotillomania, Ultimately hopelessness and suicidal ideation take over and finally (in increased number of cases) end in suicide. And the emperors fiddle while Rome burns only occasionally glancing at the ruins.

And what of those millions who pre-pandemic were already suffering with undiagnosed depression? What of those who had pre-existing mental health issues (in treatment or not) such as bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, etc. ALL OF THESE ARE EXACERBATED. Physical illness and loss of loved ones due to death or isolation are triggers

I am not an expert in the academic sense but I have had issues with my own mental health. I am truly fortunate as I was able to access treatment. I have a job that can be done remotely and is relatively stable. I’m aware of just how lucky i am.

What about the others?? This is an urgent call for public health and thought leaders to take action.

Of greatest importance, if you are suffering please try to find help. If you know someone who is struggling on their own or in treatment, check on them. Make a call – just to say ‘Hi.’ If you notice someone seems extremely ‘down’ or out of sorts for more than a couple of days, talk to them. You don’t have to be a therapist but you might want to help them find one.

Trent Bellamy – CANADA

Hi There,
I hope all is well wherever you are, and you are not in a place of suffering.
4 years ago myself and my partner set out to create community in our city. We opened a yoga studio and a dance studio with aspirations of cultivating community connections within our city. To work with other businesses to see our city and community grow and flourish. As anyone who has started a business knows, it takes roughly 1-3 years to crawl out of the debt created when starting a business! Well our three year mark was around when the first round of lockdowns happened in Canada. Crippling to all small businesses. Open, close, open, close, open, close. A steady cycle. Fear of being shut down if we opened and an “inspection” did not pass someones opinion constantly looming. Let’s do our part and just shut down and take the studios virtual. Attendance dropped over 60% when we transitioned to virtual classes. That meant revenue dropped 60% as well. Landlords not working with us, no assistance from the governments despite them mandating the lockdowns. So we borrowed money, as this pandemic wont last that long. Wrong. $250,000 in debt to pay commercial leases, and software contracts over one year. Still no help from governments. We will pay you back if you keep people employed (CEWS program in Canada). We will pay you a percentage of your rent if you keep renting (CERS program in Canada). Just keep digging the hole and all will be well. We will get through this together they say as the Federal government votes on wage increases for themselves. And that is where I sit today. I wish the easter bunny would have brought news of being able to reopen our business’s again. Thank you for listening.


My wife had covid, I did’nt. She only had extreme pains in her back. No Fever, No trouble breathing, no chills, nothing else.. I haven’t freaked out..
I know it’s a real virus. But not one to call the “Black Plague” We didn’t need to ruin the lives of so many. Big businesses never shut down. I’m in construction. I went to work the entire time. I never wear a mask. I don’t drink or smoke. I keep my immune system bolstered.. What else can I do.. I am not afraid either. More afraid of the “False Narrative”

Francisco G Nobrega – BRAZIL

1) A problem that we have in Brazil, possibly more acute than in rich countries, resides in a characteristic of the lockdown mentality that is strongly advertised and enforced by the media: stay home and get all you need by requesting delivery. This is a mandate that can be followed by the rich small proportion of the population but impossible or too expensive for the large majority like a bakery will not sell you bread at the front door but only sent it to you by a delivery person on a motorcycle.
2) The video about the ugly truth is a masterpiece explaining the gross inventions and lies used to support the “pandemic” crisis. I thank Nick Hudson for the great work. BUT there is an important piece missing and that is the medical side – the treatment of the COVID-19 patients. Possibly this isn’t your focus but, proper early intervention is the missing element that would turn the coronavirus infection into just another easily managed disease. Its lack is the main support for all the rhetoric and scares stories that support the authoritarian stance and lockdown policies, a great part in favor of expensive and inefficient high complexity hospital treatment, expensive new proprietary drugs, and worldwide massive vaccination as the final act to end the created scourge. There is a tremendous effort to suppress the knowledge (practical results and published research) that demonstrate repurposed safe and cheap drugs and nutritional associations work very well in the initial phase of the infection when the virus is starting its replication in our cells and the dangerous inflammatory phase hasn’t started. Countries where the power of those interests is reduced (China, South Korea, India, Senegal, Costa Rica, etc.) use early treatment and the number of deaths adjusted to the population confirms results. It would be great if PANDA could address this side of the equation and illuminate it with your powerful data system.

Martin P Norrad – CANADA

Including in 2017 I have visited Costa Rica 4 times, my latest being 6 weeks in November/December of 2020.


Similar to Canada, while in Costa Rica in 2020 it was a requirement to wear a mask when in public, to social distance, and at most public building entrances hand washing stations (soap) and/or hand sanitizer dispensers were present.

Unlike Canada however, lockdowns were never employed, nor was contact tracing used.

Costa Ricans were/remain free to move about, and to gather in groups, and after a brief initial shutdown at the beginning of the pandemic, their businesses reopened to normal operation.

Out of curiosity, once in late December and again today, as a non-scientific comparitive measure, I divided the number of to-date Covid caused deaths in Canada and in Costa Rica, by the respective total population for each nation (with the result expressed as a percentage)

To gauge how the performance of the restrictive measures imposed upon Canadian society for the past 15 months contrasted to the laissez-faire approach taken by Costa Rica.

Interestingly, my December 2020 calculation showed the same percentage for both nations: 0.04 %

And my April 1, 2021 calculation showed the same percentage for both nations: 0.06 % (increase perhaps is due to the mid-January spike in infections??)

I find it informative that Canada, despite being a wealthier G7 country than Costa Rica, who are a supposed 3rd world country, that Canada’s death rate is no better than that of Costa Rica.

Perhaps this is partially attributable to Costa Rica having a very professional, high quality, public not-for-profit health care system?

Which begs the question; what has Canada gained from employing several rounds of draconian lockdowns, and the resulting disruptions to our businesses, especially small businesses (over 200, 000 have permanently closed), job losses (in excess of 800, 000), the upheaval of our school system, the destruction of the studies and near-term aspirations of our university students and graduates, the cruelty of isolating our fragile seniors in our nursing homes for months on end while not allowing them visits by family members, as well as the degradation of individuals’ mental health, in particular those who live alone.

Anonymous – CANADA

Thank you, PANDA, for the extraordinary and courageous work you are undertaking in your efforts to actually save humanity from itself. You – and other groups like the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, Dr Sunetra Gupta (also at Oxford), Architects for Social Housing in the UK, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms here in Canada, and many other noble and courageous individuals and organizations around the world – are the lifeline we need in this time of unprecedented crisis.

I am inspired by your research and your writings, and greatly comforted by other people’s stories here. As a sometime activist and organizer several years ago, I would like to start by floating an idea.

While street protests and civil disobedience are hugely important to bring about true change (think Gandhi, Martin Luther King, anti-apartheid, anti-Vietnam war, etc.), they are ineffectual if the numbers are low. So, we must build a movement through other peaceful means first…with the long-term goal of engaging in both eventually.

One way that is simple, and takes very little time and effort, is to engage in letter/email-writing and telephone campaigns.

To give you an example: I wrote to my federal Member of Parliament here in Canada just last week, and had a personal response within a week (what can I say: he’s a decent man). While he chose to respond to just one of the issues I raised (vaccine passports), it was ever so slightly reassuring to hear that he would actually fight against them, should the need arise.

Now, my MP, hearing from just one lone voice against the maelstrom of lies and distortions from politicians, so-called ‘health professionals’, and a totally amoral media, can remain (heretofore demonstrated decency aside) quite blasé about his complicity in the erosion of Canadians’ human rights and civil liberties (if you haven’t already seen evidence of quarantine internment here in Canada, you should check it out).

So…just imagine if he and his cohorts around the world heard from hundreds of thousands of us in each country. That would most definitely make them sit up and listen. I strongly suspect they just haven’t heard it yet.

While the long-term goal would be to mobilize in order to engage in civil disobedience and peaceful protest rallies, the harsh reality is that, in the current climate of swift ostracization and banishment to the fringes of society, we need to do some constructive and strategic ‘working from home’ for now.

We are NOT powerless, as the charlatans would have us believe. Having watched this nightmare transition to totalitarianism unfold and worsen exponentially over the past year, it is time we made our voices heard.

I am willing to volunteer to help kickstart such a campaign here in Canada. If we could use PANDA as a conduit to put like-minded people in touch with each other in their respective countries or communities, we can start a simple process:

Find the names of all pertinent politicians at every level…local, provincial, federal…find their telephone numbers and email addresses, and embark on a campaign of email and letter writing. We can also undertake a coordinated telephone campaign, which other social justice and environmental activists have used to great effect over the years.

And I’m totally open to other suggestions.


Not sure you can define this as a story but this has just been my experience living in Belgium since the start of this pandemic.

Once countries started to lock down Belgium was a part of that, everything shut down from one day to the next. We were not allowed to move freely within the country, for the first month we could only go outside to exercise (alone) or to go the store or to perform your job if it could not be done from home. Movement outside of your house for any other reason was not allowed. Thousands of elderly and sick people spend their last weeks alone waiting to die, locked up in nursing homes trapped with the virus inside. Caregivers too afraid to give proper care, having no idea how to properly handle this situation. I am convinced hundreds of elderly people died simply because of improper care and locking them up inside with the virus.

From the very start I had a hard time with the rules, why was I not allowed to drive 20km away from my house to visit a nice park? “Its too dangerous” By then we already knew a bit about the virus and nothing they said made any sense.

At first we didn’t have to wear masks, then suddenly it became mandatory to wear masks.. how? why? how can anyone believe these things will actually protect them. At first masks were not provided by government so people made their own at home masks, that do absolutely nothing to protect anything but you had to do it if you wanted to be a part of life.

And the crazy rules continued, using terms like ‘bubble of 1′ that’s right, we were allowed one contact to talk to, that’s it. Track and tracing apps, people forced to self quarantine if in contact with a PCR test positive person, people getting 250€ tickets because not wearing a mask, or being to close to other people, or going too far from their house..

Then curfew came, not allowed to be outside between 22h and 5am.

In a matter of months our country went from a democratic free country to a to totalitarian state. Every aspect of our life was controlled by the government, we were only allowed to breathe, live and move if they gave the ok to do so.

Our borders closed for several months, then reopened and then closed again and have now been closed for 4-5 months. We are not allowed to leave the country, curfew is still there, stores closed, forced masks, massive testing, vaccine propaganda.

There is very heavy censorship on anything and anyone who speaks out about what is going on.

The media is completely controlled by the government, they are not allowed to write anything that goes against the narrative that they are trying to force.

Recently the Belgium state has been convicted in the court of Brussels that the current corona measurements are not lawful. The trial started from a humans rights party. The government responded by stating they will change and add things to the law making everything they currently do lawful.

Life in the past year has been absolutely tragic living in a totalitarian state like this, now there is talk about vaccine passports.

My country seems obsessed with the vaccine. They have always said it’s the only solution to this problem, and that we will return to normal once enough people get vaccinated. They are basically selling the vaccine as a ticket to freedom. And after a year like this many people are eager to get that ticket not knowing what the vaccine means for them.

The state is basically forcing a vaccine experiment on their entire population with the idea that if enough people do it, they will be free again.

It is all nonsense, lies. And its all you hear on tv, radio..

What I’  m most afraid of is how many people believe and follow this narrative, completely brainwashed.

I look at my country (and most parts of the world) as a big cult that formed and they have specific rules and ideas that you need to follow to be a part of it. And if you don’t want to be a part of it they will find a way to make your life even more miserable. Denying you every basic human right you have.

I don’t know where the future will take my country, but it’s not looking good.
I decided a long time ago where I draw the line in the sand and for me its simple:
No vaccine, No testing, No tracing, No mask.

If the situation here gets too bad I will look into options of leaving this country but I will not be dictated on how and when I can live my life and I will not be a part of a medical trial for no reason other than to make big pharma rich.

Chris Hayward – GREAT BRITAIN

My mother had terminal cancer. Despite her illness she was still mobile and fairly independent. On the morning of her 80th birthday she received the Astrazeneca vaccine. That evening her condition plummeted and over the next four days was unable to get out of bed. I thought she was going to die every day as her condition was so bad. She managed to rally a week later but only for about 24 hours. She died shortly after. I have no doubt the vaccine could not be tolerated by her already weakened immune system and it quite clearly accelerated her passing. As for myself, lockdowns have severely effected my mental health and I have often thought about suicide and felt helpless watching society completely change.
Chris Hayward

Cam Petrie – CANADA

I didn’t trust this from the start. Maybe it’s intuition. Maybe it’s the weed I sometimes smoke. I am not sure. I also know of many people who know many people who have gotten covid yet of all these many people I know none of them know someone who has died from covid. Yet, they are still scared of covid. When I hear my more “progressive” peer’s experiences of contracting covid I wonder why there seems/needs to be such an exaggeration to the retelling of said experience: “oh, I did have serious breathing problems. My nose was clogged like so bad, and my room mates were all exhausted.” or “It was VERY scary –voice lowers– we almost had to go to the hospital. It was really serious” and “Oh, absolutely, of course I will get the vaccine. I don’t know if I’m over covid yet.”

I am aware of the challenge that is covid. I still believe that it is a bit stronger than the flu. That might be wrong, that might be true. However, we know not to swat a fly with a brick wall, so why are we doing that to the hornet? Why do so many people know so many people living through this disease? What is blocking these people from simply seeing the very obvious survival?

Mihajlo Petkovic – SERBIA

Advertised data shows rise in numbers of infections, aiming at popularizing the vaccination. It actually strangely, time correlates with mass vaccinations, first against flu in Northern hemisphere and now with “global immunization program” against Covid 19. It will be interesting, if there is data of course, to see statistical data relations between vaccination programs (both seasonal flu vaccinations and Covid 19 vaccinations) data, compared to rise in infection cases and number of virus mutations.

Helena – ITALY

I live in Bolzano, Italy, and spent my first 3 month quarantine in Milano. During the ‘second wave’ my stepdaughter had a persistent nosebleed and some other flu-like symptoms. She eventually took a Covid PCR test which turned out to be positive. Her nightmare then began. Unfortunately she was not with us but with her mother in Milano; by the health authorities she was forced to stay locked in her room and her mother was advised to leave her meals outside the door and come into contact with her only wearing a mask and gloves. She had an oxygen meter clamped to her finger and was forced to receive daily injections of epinepherine to her stomach administered by her mother. These injections left livid bruises all over her stomach which I saw a week after she was released from a nearly 3-week quarantine from hell. She was not allowed to leave the room to take a shower and when she used the toilet she had to disinfect it. Additionally, the health services took her phone number and would phone her every day, sometimes grilling her for 40 minutes demanding to know where she was at Christmas, where she was before Christmas, if she had seen her friends and any amount of personal information. They also sent people to arrive at the house and force entry to her room to ‘check that she was obeying quarantine’, people who insisted on being admitted and ogling a young girl lying in her bed. She had to have a covid PCR test every week where apparently the nurse screamed at her to ‘stop being such a baby’ when she insisted on having her mother with her and winced when a cotton bud was rammed up the nostril that a few hours beforehand had been bleeding so freely that she had vomited the blood that had pooled in her stomach. She related all this to me a week later, it was the first thing she told me about when she arrived with us. She had gone through such an emotional regression she insisted on sleeping in the bed with us (she’s 18) because she could not bear being alone for longer than an hour after having been locked up all alone for weeks on end. She related this to me white and shaking and covered in bruises and I honestly cried to see the psychological trauma and violation forced onto this beautiful young person just entering their independence and womanhood. What was done to this girl was violating and cruel and had the dangerous effect of teaching a young woman that other people have more rights over her body than she has. I cannot forget this and the consequences to her will last years into the future. Harm that was so easy to inflict will take years to undo.

Joe Roseman – BRAZIL

As many of us in the planet, especially on the western side of Greenwhich, I was surprised and sad when the news brought to world’s attention to a “new unknown disease”. At first there wasn’t a name, just unverifiable news mentioning a “Chinese” virus.


A few TV news days later fear started to spread, which is very understandable considering most people get uncomfortable with things they just don’t understand. However, it was in late February a few details began to hit me:

1- Why didn’t WHO isolated all infected people in Wuhan?
2- Why didn’t WHO preclude all countries from repatriating their respective citizens that were found in the primary infected area?
3- Why does WHO have a director who hasn’t attend medicine university?

These were few but enough puzzling questions that got me interested in following the then just Coronavirus. Since then, I have spent a great amount of time pursuing honest numbers that could actually lead me to conclusions.

Still in late March, China stopped updating its numbers and in less then a month all other countries had more cases than China almost causing people to forget about that country.

At that moment, March 28th I started to contact with people I knew in very isolated places. The facts were very disturbing: small villages, from where no one has ever left and to no visitors have ever gone to had registered cases of the disease, then already known as Covid-19. How could that be?! Well, I have my take on this, but no evidence to back it up (yet).

From that moment of perception all I saw was press grabbing what seemed a huge opportunity to reclaim its primacy as “information” means, a condition that had being clearly compromised by its biased news, which had caused to huge drop on newspaper sales and was worsen by very small online subscriptions. The social media had given voice to lots of people.

Then in June, I started to do a research on deaths in Brazil. It was when I realized both infected and death numbers were provided not by government but a “journalistic consortium” which consisted in five or six different news corporations, all of them opposed to present federal presidency.

Still in June I realized no prominent names were being called by traditional media, the major players, but lots of second hand physicians with no studies published. Additionally, most press started to give the spotlight to more frightening narratives disregarding all evidences at hand.

And finally came the publication on The Lancet, of a study that claimed to have been done in less than six months, throughout 196 countries involving more than 100.000 patients!!! As a researcher I was impressed at first but then it occurred to me: how did they manage to work so fast with so much data, from different languages, different hospitals and clinics protocols? I checked the organisation behind the study, it had nearly a dozen employees!! Well, less than two weeks the work was withdrew form both The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine. Needless to say I was one of the probably many people who sent The Lancet a warning about the study incongruencies.

So far, I have discovered some many wrongs regarding the so-called pandemia that maybe I should spare the reader to get tired. But I definitely have enough material to write a sad book.

The one good thing that came out of this for me, was to finally see there are many people willing to defend Science and the truth. The latter can be subjective at times, but true Science will never ever be a matter of opinion.


Dear Friends
I feel I have seen the worst crimes against my fellow human beings during my lifetime in the last year and this relates to many people who I was personally attached to and felt responsibility for through my work.
I am a natural therapist practising, amongst other things, Massage, Aromatherapy and Nutritional Therapy to private individuals, particularly the elderly and vulnerable people both in their own homes and in Residential Care and Nursing Homes.
Although my career has been destroyed and my livelihood has all but disappeared by the disproportionate response to a virus ( I haven’t been allowed by the rules to work for over a year,) my primary concern has been for my clients, mostly elderly people now living in fear. Their health dramatically declining because of the restrictions not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What I have witnessed occurring to elderly people in care homes is beyond anything I could ever have imagined.
The isolation and the appalling treatment of sick vulnerable people who I used to care for has caused my own mental depression and feelings of disempowerment as I have been physically unable to help them having been barred from visiting them in care homes or they are too distressed to allow me to visit them at home.
The destruction of NHS services has left my own elderly father unable to access treatment for a number of issues and left him alone as his own family close by were afraid to attend to his needs because of their own fear.
I have a 14 year old son in the first year of his GCSE’s who has lost a year of education in school. He has been unable to access the science labs and the workshops in school as the year groups have been separated and the school is operating in a series of bubbles where the children are not able to mix. Masks are mandatory in communal areas and testing has been strongly recommended. There is a sense that if a child is not able to participate in these measures that they are putting others at risk. They comply because of peer pressure and through fear.
The stress of the measures has lead to unusual arguments amongst family members who have never been under these anxieties before. The worst thing is the separation and the sense of being ill even if one is well. I HATE SUPERMARKETS. I am unable to wear a mask for health reasons and have been subjected to the worst treatment being called names and blamed for the spread of the virus because of my actions. I feel compelled to wear a mask even though I have an exemption.
And we are still living in this HELL. This is HELL. I have been suicidal during the past year. If I feel like this I am not surprised that I hear of those who have taken extreme measures to end the misery.
My father is 82 has said that “This is not Living” His health has deteriorated because he has been unable to access the activities that once gave him the will to live. I am devastated by the effects of the lockdowns. I see no end to the misery and wonder each day how I can go on living like this. It is like waiting to die.
I see no hope for the future of my son. I see medical tyranny and totalitarianism at its worst and it happened within a year.
I am not afraid of the virus or any other virus but I am afraid of the way people have reacted like a herd of sheep that has brought this misery to bear.

Connie Criscitello – USA

We are living through the worst crimes against humanity in recorded history. When humanity faced the atrocities at the hands of Nazi Germany, the allied forces would eventually put an end to the horror. How does humanity get out of this one? There are no armies coming to liberate us. I’ve been doing all I can to read and share information with everyone I can think of…many people doing the same thing. I do not understand how anyone can continue to support these lock down narratives that seem clearly to hurt children more than anyone else. How can they do that? If anyone reading this still adheres to the lockdown narratives, I am begging you, down on my knees begging you to re-think your position….PLEASE!
Personally, I am 60 years old. I guess the narrative says I’m “vulnerable” as far as coronavirus goes. I’ve never worn a mask, or stayed away from my grandsons and daughter. I’ve attended holidays and parties as usual. However, I live in a senior apt bldg. which forbids visitors, and although I have shopped without masks, the ridiculous input from others grows tiresome quickly which is why I rarely go into a store anymore. I used to love going to thrift stores and searching for treasures and materials for crafting. I only drive my car once or twice a month.
My heart has been crushed by seeing my oldest grandson who was a high school graduate in 2020 be denied all the coming of age events that almost everyone else on the planet enjoyed at that age. (I wrote a letter to the school superintendent pointing out the lock down absurdities and asking him to consider what we were teaching the graduates by all this social distancing). Even more daunting for him is trying to get a good start on life surrounded by never ending fear and tyranny. (he’s trending toward trade school; apprenticeship as a plumber). My younger grandson, who was just hitting puberty 14 years at the start of all this, seemed entirely sad when the routine of his active life was brought to a mind-numbingly instantaneous halt. He is a very active kid who loves playing sports, loves being with his friends, and as you might imagine, this is also a very sensitive time in a child’s life. A time when school dances and interactions with the opposite sex are awkward, but indeed a very necessary rite of passage. His parents and I have intervened to ensure he sees his buddies often and he has even gotten back into team sports…American football…junior league (He’s pretty good!)
Every day my heart shatters just a little more when I think of the damage that has been done to children over what amounts to political divisiveness, greed and the psychopathic desire of some to control others. Well, one thing these people should know is I will never give in. I will never be jabbed. I will not be controlled or obedient, and I’m quite sure there are a couple billion others who will do the same. I will never stop being there for my grandson’s and daughter, whatever they need from me emotionally, I hope I can provide it. I will not stop fighting this insanity until the day I die, even if that means taking a bullet in the head, I SHALL NOT SUBMIT. The worse tyranny of all is forcing people to accept protection and health interventions they do not want, characterizing it as benevolence, and penalizing those who disagree. May peace be with you and with all of us.


It was 24th of March 2020 6:45am I woke up early morning to prepare our breakfast me and my wife used to get up early morning for work. Then I try to wake up my wife and she responded to me that she’s not feeling well and asked her why? What’s wrong Hun she said I’m tiered, I weak and my throat starting to get itching and a few coughing. I told her to call our nursing home that she will call for a sick. That week our manager and a nurse and my wife was in the office and the office was outside the nursing home and the UK weather in March was unpredictable and office was warm temperature and when you go out it’s cold and a bit rain that day and also we have two residents have a bad temperature with symptoms of Covid, that time Covid was already in the news and we from the nursing home are awareness about this virus. Our manager and nurse and my wife have the same experience of symptoms of Covid and I told to my wife because you got your symptoms from the office in and out many times warm and cold sudden change of temperature and month of March is always a flu or high temperature and coughing this are the month of illness I should say to my wife and I’ve seen this to our residents starting end of January, February and March are critical of illness specially the vulnerable adults. Also I keep calling my parents and check them about this Covid don’t worry just don’t watch anymore the news. Then my Wife didn’t go for work that day and I went for work a long day shift and our two residents are full bloom of symptoms of virus and most of the time I check this two residents because they are both close to me and I want to observe them both one is 100yrs old and the other one is 89yrs. For one week my wife was not able to go for work because of bad temperatures and symptoms on and off she needs a quarantine and I stayed with her also for quarantine I slept with her together in bed I prepared food for her every day and our distance was never been far I don’t want to be out of her sights. Then 1st of April night before she confined to the hospital in RD&E Exeter around 2a.m she call the hot line for doctor advise and my wife able to spoke to the doctor in charge about her condition and I was a bit panic because my wife wants to go to the hospital but the doctor said it’s just a normal symptoms you check your temperature every hour and if the temperature is not going down call again and please take paracetamol doctor advise and my wife breathing is not normal already but still no ambulance doctor said just calm down. Then me and my wife followed doctor advise and my wife slept from 4am to 8am then she woke up I was at the kitchen I need to prepare the food for us specially for her to recover her strength slowly or at least something food to her stomach just to keep her going better I hope but when I came up to see her she was told by her sister to call her doctor again and explained her bad conditions and insisted to get ambulance then she told me that ambulance is coming and taking her to hospital at around 10 to 11am so I was shocked and scared what will happen to her in the hospital with all the news was terrible and horrible most patients that goes to the hospital are died because of Covid and they said in hospital of RD&E are very busy because of this pandemic a lot of patients of Covid but I said to my wife why I never have any symptoms which I was with you for a week already and nothing happened to me I’m strong just keep doing a normal life eat healthy foods and not watching news I said to her I even told her don’t go to the hospital and even me can’t visit you no one knows what will happen to you please stay and cancel the hospital. Ambulance arrived and my wife taken 11am I was also interviewed by ambulance people about my conditions and I said I’m 100% alright. Then I waited a call from my wife and I messaged her to give me a call once she speaks to the doctor she said that she will be confined and have a Covid test around 5pm I asked her where are you now and she said I’m here at the Covid ward in RD&E. I asked her a lot of things and I remember is there any Covid patients with you in that ward she replied only two me and another old lady I told her I thought a lot of Covid patients in hospital of Exeter but it was not like that busy but I heard from someone the hospital of Exeter is full of Covid patients wrong information and news again. My manager keep checking me if my wife called already about the test results for Covid we are waiting for the results.Then around 8:30pm my wife called me that she is positive of Covid-19 and I was devastated by the result and I cried to her because of this Covid I might not see her again my mind was not normal of thinking so desperate to see and get her out to the hospital and I was totally confused, hopeless and stressed anything goes to my mind are negative thoughts and I said to my wife why not me. Then after 5 days I back to work but not yet ready mentally because our nursing home have three Covid patients most of the staff’s are off sick they said they have symptoms or their scared to go for work because we have a Covid infection residents so we are four staff working at that time in 6 days and my wife came back after 14 days and she said that was her second life. Time and days past I keep working even the Covid still there I told my manager our residents needs more help more than ever and it’s time to give myself to them and I don’t even scared of this Covid my faith to God was in me and my shield is God I’m protected of Holy Spirit that’s the only motivation I have to keep going and help this vulnerable people and you can’t even imagine how hard to take care 29 residents with Covid patients but in God’s way I been tested and challenged all wrong information and guidelines sometimes makes you confused every week luckily I also have Covid test every week and the results was negative every time I have tested.I felt blessed and I never been scared in my life afterwards for one year of pandemic up to now it’s just passing through day to day to me. My experiences and observations all this happening COVID is a political agenda and media and religion. The lessons I learned never give up and put trust in God and love your self.


Respect and love to vulnerable people……we are created for something that you need to discover who you are in this world.


Greetings to PANDA and the rest of the world,


My name is Jim, and I’m an American currently living in Germany as a tourist. Until March 2020, I didn’t think about researching too deep about the basic human rights laws, until the elite cabal “murdered” my livelihood in music. So that was when I decided to go on the path of the rabbit hole research of this fake pandemic, on the legal side. Because my grandparents were attorneys in New York, and I have a cousin who is an attorney in Minnesota as well. So in that being mentioned, here are a few of my personal experiences, that I’m having in this scamdemic scenario. In October 2020, I was in a hospital for about four days, because of a heart condition that I have. But while I was in the hospital during those four days, I noticed that I was the only person who wore a face shield within those four days, and no one gave me any problems. While in the hospital, I walked around on every floor, and didn’t see any specialized “COVID-19” wards. In fact, I didn’t even see any “COVID-19” patients either. And because no visitors are allowed, is the other reason that the hospital was pretty empty. There were normal activities, and there was only one nurse for each ward who worked at night, which included the one I was stationed in. I’m currently wearing a half face shield whenever I go to the shops because, no human will steal my basic right to breathe in fresh air, that the Creator has given me. Some places don’t seem to have a problem with it, but in some other shops, I was either restricted from shopping, or rejected from the shop altogether, for not smothering myself with those face diapers, which is not good for my heart condition. So in the middle of March 2021, I was about to enter a outside shopping zone which is in the city center, and a German policy officer stopped me, and told me that I needed to wear a mask. So after I informed him that, we’re in a outside public space, he then pointed to a picture of a mask, which isn’t signed by anyone. So he then informed me, that I need to walk around the city center, to get to a bank, which is in the city center. In the beginning of February 2021, I learned that both my father, and his wife received the Pfizer vaccination. Then my father messaged me to inform me that, he and his wife received a second round of that Pfizer vaccine at the end of February 2021. So now, I’m fully dedicating all of my energies, to unite humanity in Germany in any way possible, and working to wake those, in hopes that they will regain freedom from this medical dictatorship and tyranny. As expected, I’m experiencing opposition, from the very few people, who I’m in direct contact with. And out of those few people, one of them have even threatened to admit me into a mental institution. Things really got out of hand, when I informed these same few ignorant people about the negative affects of using a robot vacuum, all of them verbally attacked me really hard. It’s so unfortunate that, ignorant people always digest lies over truth. Also since mid 2020, I decided to take interest in gathering information on Natural Law, Common Law and Constitutional Law, because I’m seeing injustices that are being done unlawfully to the masses, like implementing and enforcing mask wearing policies, and using unlawful coercion tactics, to get people vaccinated as well. There were a couple of scenarios where, I was in a shop, and saw a two-year old child wearing a mask. I was a bit angry, because children are being smothered from those masks, and no child deserves that in any degree. In early March of 2021, I also read an article which the World Health Organization mentioned that, “the pandemic will end in 2022”, I have read both the American, and the German constitutions, and I have to sympathize with the Germans because, I couldn’t find any article stated in the Constitution, that protects the right to self-defense against any form of tyranny. So I’m carrying the 2010 version of the German Basic Rights Constitution with me everywhere I go. So if there is an updated version of the German Basic Rights Constitution that I can find, some please let me know. Because, I asked my general practice doctor about a mask wearing/vaccine exemption letter, but he told me that it’s almost impossible to get one. He also told me that, he gave only one person the mask wearing/vaccine exemption letter. And that person was a young girl, who has a serious health issue. However, that answer that he gave me was false, because he also wrote an exemption letter to one of my contacts as well, because she has asthma and COPD issues. So my question is, whenever I get rejected from public domains, such as shops for not complying to the mask policy, would it possible for me to sue for medical descrimination from shopping? I know that I’ve written much, but I’m very interested to get connected and unify with anyone, who are actively fighting against this medical dictatorship scenario. I have no fear with any of these unlawful penalties and consequences that I might be faced with. Because those policy enforcement agents are the ones committing the crimes against humanity. I’m also searching for a legal documents, that will protect me from harassment, or unlawful fines by the German police, against outdoor mask mandates. And finally, humanity must use the constitutional laws and common laws against your governments, unite in non compliance against all draconian measures, and boycott all public places en masse, that unlawfully refuse to serve you. I hope that, this story and message will get someones attention, because there’s more very informative links, that I would like to share as well. So anyone can feel free to contact me via email: Let’s connect.

But in all that being mentioned, everyone needs to check these following links: – Agenda 21, Depopulation and Total Enslavement – AGENDA 21: UN Depopulation Project 2030 – the Depopulation Agenda 2030 – Integrating human rights, leave no one behind, and gender equality into UN Cooperation Frameworks – KLAUS SCHWAB: WORLD WILL ‘NEVER’ RETURN TO NORMAL AFTER COVID 19 – WEF founder: Must prepare for an angrier world


My story is about about our government that this lockdown and Covid pandemic.
I believe in our government policies and restrictions about Covid. This was all arranged by WHO restrictions needs to follow by every country and governments if not It will be a problem who ever not to follow or you will be in a violations of something that you’re not able to address to the people or citizens the policies and restrictions by the WHO and who’s behind this organisations the G7 you will see who are the top 10 countries in Covid affected mostly the G7 why? Because they want to show the reality that Covid is deadly and it’s real. What the 3rd world countries Philippines what happened now is our government showing the sincere to the people that we must control the virus to lowest as much as possible. The aim of all 3rd world countries low Covid deaths and infected why because we don’t have a hospital, money, vaccines etc. Look at this country UK USA ITALY FRANCE GERMANY SPAIN BRAZIL RUSSIA they showing that Covid is like war of ammunition and some country are corrupt government but Philippines is different we are in a new staged of government the people wants the present administration and this opposition wants to come back they using this Covid story those who is in opposition the Covid affected area is worst and this what happened to USA election. I hope this will not be happened to our President Duterte to make it short the story COVID was out because politics who ever wins this election because they use this Covid and they don’t care even people dies in UK elderly people are dying they will not bring to the hospital and said the hospital are full and we can accept this people because of Covid hospitals are not accepting dying patients and the worst is media will show the people who are in the hospital are able to recover but it’s should not be like that everybody should be equal to have hospitalised it’s good that some countries hospital are free. What about Philippines we need to pay are bills for hospitals and not every Filipino can afford to pay hospital bills. Political is the main issue of why Covid was made. The religion 25% percent involved why because it’s also convincing and people will not be talking about what is going on about this Covid. I hope this story will add to the minds of people what is going on the our world.

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

Good day team Panda,
I trust you are all keeping well throughout what remains a very stressful time. Thanks as always for all your hard work and efforts. I saw the Daily Maverick hit piece against Panda, and that didn’t really surprise me – I suppose I was more surprised that it had taken that long, given that ‘smear-campaign’/’hit pieces’, anything to discredit is the modus operandi against anyone that speaks out against the narrative… It does, however, highlight that you are making solid progress and getting noticed…
Things (as expected) continue to progress and evolve at breakneck speed, and unfortunately in the way I’d predicted some time ago now… I remain extremely concerned that we’re very quickly running out of time… What’s been totally clear to me for some time now, is that this global coordinated response makes no sense once one understands the data, and how things have been set up with a PCR test not fit for purpose…and a gross over exaggeration of the virus, its novelty, and mortality – the aggressive propaganda/fear campaign, the divisive tactics (be it Democrat v Republican, masked v unmasked, all lives matter v black lives matter, women v men, black v white, religious beliefs, adults v children, haves v have-nots, pro-lockdown v against lockdown, and soon, vaccinated v unvaccinated… amongst many others)…What’s become increasingly clear to me is that this is a far greater agenda that’s being driven home aggressively by global organisations (WEF, UN, WHO, IMF), global leadership (literally the worlds leaders ex Belarus, Tanzania and a few others), with the support from mainstream media (this element – the constant fear propaganda and brainwashing has been most effective -with most, even some of the smartest brains out there turned to jelly; unable to think, to think rationally/critically, to question – people just gulp down the fear, and become paralysed by it, to such an extent that even when you put blatantly obvious factual data right in front of them, they fail to see it or will not see it, because seeing the facts have additional implications and consequences that most would rather not entertain..) – in addition, the military, police, and some of the world’s largest businesses (incl. Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the largest asset managers in the world..) are all in on this/all complicit. I’m in the asset management industry myself, and I’ve been shocked to see that virtually none of these supposed analytical people – research analysts, quants, fund managers etc are doing any detailed research in this regard; the consensus being “the vaccines are safe and effective and will see the world open up and return to normal”… – nobody is questioning anything – most cant wait to get in line to get their jab (incl. for their children, to protect grandma..); and they actually express concerns re anti-vaxxers/vaccine hesitancy yet they’ve done minimal research into Covid/’cases’, the PCR, death definitions, vaccines – absolute v relative efficacy/risk reduction; ADE/pathogenic priming, the fact that these so-called vaccines are experimental – taking these, you’re part of a clinical trial that comes to an end in 2023, but people do not know this (and they do not even know Covid IFR across age groups and risk factors to make a proper assessment of risk vs benefit) …Nuremberg code has been thrown out the window! The world’s leaders (incl. Merkel, and other previously highly rated leaders, and self-appointed global leaders, Gates and Schwab) are telling us we can only go back to normal once the world is vaccinated…even the WHO changed to definition of herd immunity to push vaccinations… (after they previously also changed the definition of ‘pandemic’ in 09’ to facilitate the swine flu swindle…as an aside, using the old definition of pandemic before this, Covid would likely not even meet that definition of a pandemic!).
I’ve been applying my mind …Given that I, like yourselves was putting lots of information together/doing lots of research to make sense of everything, and to try and awaken people [I might add, in so doing, I was told by my employer not to inform other staff members of my research findings as reporting WHO inconsistencies and the like is “unsettling” to staff… so rather suppress my free speech and keep it to myself!]… but after doing significant work over many months, I concluded that this response (lockdowns/curfews/essentially police states and coercion) does not make sense/it cannot be justified, the data has been manipulated and over-stated, and media have spread fear, endless so-called Covid ‘information’ including hospitalisation data without any context, half-truths and blatant lies! After having unearthed what I have, it was time for me to ask the question ‘why’?…
This is my summary in trying to answer this (supported by statements by Wolfgang Wodarg and others who’ve highlighted one aspect – that is, to push ‘immunity passports’, but why do so…what’s the plan? Here’s my thoughts:
Immunity/vaccine passports + digital ID2020 (incl. human barcoding via quantum dot microneedle vaccination delivery system/Luciferase – all Gates/Microsoft again..) + central bank digital currencies (China has rolled out theirs already) + Gates/Microsoft’s infamous 666 patent, that is, ‘cryptocurrency linked to body activity data’ (… mark of the beast..) + smart cities = surveillance state/surveillance world + China’s social credit system (China is essentially the model…and rolling out a social credit system will assist with the climate change agenda, amongst others, and ensure people eat insects, plants and drink recycled sewerage water the way the WEF envisions…amongst other major societal changes that will be forced upon humanity; all the quarantine/isolation/concentration camps will assist in dealing with any dissent).
The end result = a global authoritarian technocracy. A dystopia. [aligned with Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset where you’ll have ‘no privacy, own no property, but be happy’…also according to Schwab’s 4th Industrial revolution they’ll be monitoring our thoughts too in the future… (do read his books, this man is extremely dangerous!) with each mandatory vaccination they’ll be able to do as they please – experiment/cull/’re-program’, they decide – and remember, with mutations and the precedent that’s being set, there won’t need to be much of a reason for why you need your next mandatory shot (perhaps just another variant/mutation of which there are thousands).. This makes the Schwabs and Gates of the world very excited indeed! Ongoing riskless (for them) experimentation on live human subjects…history repeats…!
Even if I am not totally correct with respect to my above expectation, it remains VERY concerning, and the setup is there; the world needs to rise VERY soon and collectively – the response cannot be in silos! We’ve seen over the last year that court action across the world has come to nought, and the supposed political opposition across the globe are either in on this global agenda, or also paralysed by fear/not wanting to take a risk to go against the narrative…)…lastly, whilst protest action appears to be rising which is necessary, there needs to be many millions more feet out on the streets – and it needs to be both global, and persistent.. only numbers can turn the tide, and the numbers need to be so compelling that it gathers even greater numbers, so much so that the mainstream media will be forced to report such. The media’s role is massive in this, and always has been – successfully turn the media, and you will turn the masses (including the military and the police). This is the first time in many years that many of the evil/sinister players are all out in the open, ripe to be overthrown for once and for all! …However, whilst being out in the open means they’re at their most vulnerable, at the same time they’re therefore also increasingly desperate and are at their most dangerous – they need to see this through at all costs. We cannot let them.

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