Hospitality Industry – SOUTH AFRICA

My humble career in catering and the food truck industry was decimated – as we rely on events for the bulk of our income.

Thinking I was a genius, I started a food truck drive through which was promptly shut down by cape town city a few short months later.

Come December, we were excited to be fully booked – but of course we were locked down, and every job I had was cancelled. I’d sunk the last of my savings into an online store selling products to try supplement the catering income, having purchased stock for December.

I’ve had to stop paying 3 staff members who relied on me for work.

I have never adhered to the lock down laws. I will admit it. I have faced so-called covid death straight in the eyeballs and watched it run away and hide in the shadows.

It’s been over a year now and I’ve never had covid or got sick. I am however, bankrupt and desperate to get my business going again.

We moved away from the city and to a little seaside village where our 5 year old daughter doesn’t need to wear a mask or socially distance, and is immersed in nature.

Life is more bareable here, away from the stazi eyes behind the curtain twitches, where once neighbours called police to arrest little old ladies for walking their dog 15 minutes past curfue.

I took myself off Facebook not only due to the censorship, but the ridicule I experienced from friends and family because I spoke out against this tyranny, and because I was a tinfoil hat wearing nutjob when I predicted “covid passes” and mandatory vaccines- which are now a reality – which i see those very same people who laughed at me, now willingly bend the knee (or is it elbow) to, in acquiescence to experimental slavery – or perhaps double blind virtue signalling.

To watch the powers that be impose madness as normality and see intelligent people sign away their freedoms so willingly is beyond disturbing, it’s terrifying.

I will fight to the death protecting my family and their freedoms, their bodily autonomy and their right to choose what is best for them. Nobody is going to force my loved ones into anything, ever, and if they do, my wrath will see an end to their existence.

I’m done with debates, I’m done with caring. I’m getting on with life, without masks, poison sanitizers and toxic distancing. You can keep your cold, sterile planet of microchips and fear, and push me out into the fringe and dress me up like a clown, I don’t care.

I’ll live to 95 thanks to my immune system, while you’ll need your 3 month booster shots of toxic chemicals for the rest of your miserable lives, while you desperately try earn social credits by being good little drones for your commie government.

If this scamdemic has taught me one thing, its that a seemingly normal husband and father like myself can easily become a radical extremist when pushed too far – and I won’t be the only one prepared to go to war if its called for.

Anonymous – CHILE

Tuve después de un año, algunas dudas centradas en la ausencia de tratamiento temprano, me permití investigar, revisar entrevistas, testimonios, datos actualizados, todo empezó a ordenarse poco a poco, y concluí al pasar de 1 semana y fracción, que el covid19 es un constructo político-médico, con un objetivo muy claro: perpetuar el consumo mundial de sustancias farmacológicas nuevas. Dejé de lavarme compulsivamente las manos, deje las 2 duchas diarias, dejé la mascarilla, solté el pánico de abrazar a mis padres, retomé los abrazos… Al transcurrir los días, es un peso muy difícil de sostener, analizando el daño a las personas de todas las edades, la pérdida de libertad, los niveles de pobreza y tanta gente sin poder trabajar por un constructo disfrazado de emergencia sanitaria. El trabajo mediático ha sido tan bien ejecutado, que las personas en su mayoría muestran altos niveles de agresividad y bloqueo de cualquier diálogo que cuestione el fenómeno. Les dijeron que pasaron por la enfermedad y/o que su familiar murió por la enfermedad de moda, entonces, es imposible explicarles la justa duda que yo tengo del diagnóstico y del tratamiento ( respaldada por escuchar a numerosos médicos que coinciden en lo mismo), la posibilidad de transmitir el mensaje no siendo autoridad sanitaria, es prácticamente nula. Es desesperante querer hacer algo y no poder, mi activismo está remitido a un activismo virtual, pero al mínimo descuido, se viene la censura y el sentimiento de frustración y tristeza; aumenta. Me pregunto donde quedó la humanidad… trato de hablar con personas que piensan parecido, nuevos amigos virtuales agrego o me agregan cada día, de diferentes países, no los conozco físicamente, pero un like o una breve conversación, me hace sentir un poco mejor. Sólo mis nuevos amigos reaccionan a mis publicaciones. Sería bueno que todos nos pudiéramos juntar en un sólo sitio, un nuevo país, crear un nuevo mundo. A diario… siento muchísima tristeza por el mundo. Me cuesta soltar esa tristeza… pocos días atrás me topé con, bajé el video de la presentación, la subí a YouTube para difundir con subtítulos, se demoraron 1 día en bajar el video. Motivo: contenido que cuestiona decisiones de OMS. Esto es una dictadura global y psicológicamente, para quienes tenemos consciencia de ello, es bastante difícil. Desde ya y fraternalmente, les agradezco por tan limpio y profesional trabajo que hacen como organización. Da fuerzas ver el relato sólido y bien argumentado. Gracias sentidas.

School Teacher – GREAT BRITAIN

I arrived at France ferry Terminal without buying a prepaid Covid Testing Package for £240 to enter Uk. I am a British Citizen.They would not allow me to board the Ferry without it. I asked to speak to immigration and during this phone conversation explained that I could acquire tests through my profession if necessary. These prepaid tests were too expensive. She agreed they were expensive – but that it was law. No-one from Immigration would talk face to face. Regular Ferry staff were asked to deal with me for three hours. Eventually I boarded the Ferry and bought the tests. On arrival to the UK – I checked out the Testing Centre from whom I had acquired test package. There were no available Terms or Conditions and no-one could find them when I asked. (The government and approved this!) My email confirmation of purchase never arrived either. A police officer knocked on my door one late evening (Day 3 of self isolation) . I was scared. he shone a torch through my darkened house. When I answered the door he said Border Police had asked him to check my Name and address and phone number. (He apologised! – he was ashamed and said it was not his job) My test package arrived. I asked the testing company what the test was made of – if there were potential allergens etc. No-one could answer the question. I sent the tests back and received results but they had the dates confused. I was shocked by the absurd and expensive inaccurate measures that carried so much weight. I am a Teacher and you get to know when someone’s hiding something or things don’t add up. After self-isolation I returned to work. I have been asked by every employer and some adult students if I am vaccinated. At first I would not answer, Now I say No. And since when did employers have the right to ask for my health status in public? I will not be able to force any other human being to wear a mask or take tests in schools when the reasoning does not make logical sense.


I am exhausted by the battles I fight internally every day. Battles between common sense, critical thinking and knowing what is happening is very wrong, and being forced to comply with insane and ridiculous rules and not being allowed to live a meaningful life, and with my conscience from having to lie to be accepted in a society I no longer recognise.


I am made to feel unworthy of my own existence by being forced to wear a face covering and not being allowed to touch anyone or stand within 2m of anyone. This is demoralising and depressing. I live alone so this means I have no one to comfort me or give me a hug. This is inhumane and probably the worst aspect of ‘lockdown’ for me, above and beyond loosing my very successful travel business of 33 years.

My indoctrinated friends and family have stayed away from me during this latest ‘lockdown’ (5 months) and continue to do so even now when we are ‘allowed’ to meet up to 6 people from 2 households outside. This adds to the feeling of rejection and unworthiness.

The UK’s obsession with vaccinating perfectly healthy and low risk people and the likelihood of vaccine passports is the final nail in the coffin. It has caused a further rift with friends and family, who tell me it is my moral duty to get vaccinated and that vaccine passports will be a good thing.

I was a free-spirited, happy, truthful individual who had a voice. Now I am an outcaste whose voice is suppressed because I am labelled either a cynic or conspiracist, which I am not, so I have to lie to be accepted in society.

Everything I believed in, aspired to and lived for no longer seems to count and life has become an endless chain of pointless days.

Listening to Nick talk helps me to feel less alone and instills some hope that common sense will prevail – thank you Nick and all at Panda.

Eduardo – DENMARK

Relatively speaking, Denmark is one of the countries that has been handling “the situation” in a moderate way. The impact on the economy is not as bad as in other countries and the people is, generally speaking, respectful of ones beliefs and decisions. We are Argentinian immigrants, arrived around 10 years ago and are very grateful for many good things that happen to us here.


However, having said that to provide a bit of context and reference, we are also concerned, sad and angry with the way things are evolving. We fully subscribe with PANDA´s views and are suffering in several ways:

– We have seen our rights to move within Europe, from and to the US and Argentina very constrained

– Owning a small family food business, we have also seen our revenues and our growth plans severely compromised; we lost 50% of our sales to schools, to companies… reduced physical presence in all kind of entities means no more events, no more catering, no more team building…

– Our younger son, in his final year at school, lost the opportunity to learn more, better, happier, to truly integrate and being just 15 even saw his blood pressure increasing due to a drastic change in habits to a point in which he now needs to receive medication… When I asked the doctor if this increase in pressure could be associated with the abrupt change of habits, she denied it, when I asked her if she did not consider that the restrictions and lock-down measures were counterproductive for the health of the children, she was uncomfortable and answered me that the subject was outside the scope of the consultation (we later learned that the official statistics in Denmark already show increases in blood pressure and in the average weight of adolescents since this nightmare started!)

– Like in many other parts of the world, the measure that were supposed to be temporary, started to be extended, first a couple of weeks, then months, then entire seasons. Over the last month, in order to attend in person to school, just every second week, the school authorities were requesting him to test on Mondays and Wednesday!

– My wife, who underwent surgery to remove breast cancer, was supposed to have bi-annual regular checks. The dates of the check-ups were postponed on the grounds that all the priority in care was dedicated to fighting COVID and on top of that, the oncologist refused on several occasions to do the so vital breast palpation, despite the fact that both she and my wife were wearing masks

– Finally, and not least, since all this began, as we have been more informed about “the alternative truth”, we do not panic, we reason and question the messages of the government and the mainstream media, we are experiencing tense discussions that are distancing us from friends, even some of the closest ones. The very idea of thinking that something different may be happening is seen as a denial position!

We are sick and tired. We are suffering in all dimensions. Physically, emotionally, socially and economically.

In Argentina, our home country, a country that already had serious problems of recession, corruption and growing poverty, as a result of populist governments, this madness has exacerbated things: there is greater destruction of the productive apparatus, greater authoritarianism, greater exaggeration of the media and greater confusion and fear in most people.

On top of that, being a Spanish-speaking country, and being English the most used language for the dissemination of technical, scientific, political, medical and even cultural discussions … the majority of society does not even have access, don’t even imagine that initiatives like PANDA exist. And that there is another look, another understanding, very different from this whole process.

I congratulate and admire the work you do. I hope the energy and the resources needed will grow and I also hope that in the near future we will be able to fund the translation of all the content into Spanish so that the battle can be fight on more fronts and we get more united and stronger.


Switzerland is the first country in the world to vote on coronavirus legislation at national level. On June 13, 2021, the Swiss voters will decide whether the Swiss government can restrict public life because of the pandemic. Voting on the Covid-19 law is only possible in a direct democracy because factual questions are put to the people there.


The Swiss Federal Council, the state government, is promoting a yes and warns that the multi-million dollar financial support from various industries would be at risk if a no were given. The majority of the Swiss parliament, consisting of the National Council and the Council of States, recommends that the electorate vote yes to the ballot box.

I would encourage you to listen to the following Youtube debate on this topic by Dr Daniele Ganser, a Swiss historian and peace researcher. You should be able to enable the English subtitle function in Youtube.

What is alarming is the amount of young people who are filling psychological clinics due to suicide attempts or are deemed “high risk”.

My feeling is that the vote will be a “yes” from the Swiss population. The Fear level, amidst a lot of confusion, dominance of the “narrative” by left wind parties and media in combination with people’s own self interest in getting as much money as possible from the state, due to lost work (irrespective of the consequences to the general taxpayer and future generations).

Michael C – CANADA

Hi, my name is Michael, hailing from Toronto, ON Canada. Wanted to reach out and express firstly, thankfulness that a committee of well minded people globally are collectively sharing similar concerns. Challenging the lockdowns, curfews, political surveillance and sadly, intimidating Police tactics being exercised for our own “safety and protection”.

As you are probably aware, Ontario is currently on its third lockdown and people’s spirits have sunk to a new low. Frustratingly, they have ceased all procedures and surgeries and have made Covid – 19 the frontline of our health crisis. Thus delaying the needs of many that may suffer further complications if not treated. Not including the economic disaster we are facing.

That said, my main reason for wanting to connect with you is in regards to our neighbouring province Quebec. The political measures being used there is frightfully not far from a Police State. If is isn’t already. In fact, they are currently building a Provincial border on the ON/QB line.

Earlier this year, I was visiting my girlfriend (whom now I can’t see due to the border) who resides in Quebec City. In short, whilst having tea (and her recovering from a medical condition) in the afternoon with her cousin and fiancée, 12 officers barged into the private residence. They swarmed the apartment immediately searching through closets, wardrobes, rooms, believing we were hiding others. All this without Consent of Entry nor a Search Warrant.

We quickly responded, recording them entering and roaming the premises. Even though we were overwhelmed and shocked. Unfortunately, my girlfriend began to have an anxiety attack, slowly falling, while pressed against the wall by two officers demanding her ID and even access to her Social Media (facebook). Yes, it went that far.

As I attempted to get to her and calm her down, they soon after began to aggressively nudge us towards to the door, down the three level wooden winding staircase to the main entrance of the building. We are still not entirely sure how they got in the through the main door, as it was locked.

In the end, we all received $1550.00 fines for having an “Illegal Gathering” (several people) in the afternoon.

We are taking legal matters as we strongly feel this goes against our Charter of Rights and Constitutional Rights as Canadians. However, the laws have been changing so rapidly, even lawyers are uncertain how to tackle this.

There are many stories like this. From people being grabbed off the streets, breaking up children birthday parties, closing parks, even arresting a man who was pushing his Mother in a wheel chair. Just horrible stories.

We simply just want these stories to be heard. Would be honored to hear back from you. Anyway we can help to make others aware how far things have gone in certain places around the world.

My girl has been doing some independent journalism, capturing the activity happening in Quebec. I’m sure she would be more than happy to share them with you.

Hope this reaches you well. Thanks again for all that you do.

Yours truly,


My parents, both in their mid seventies, both with significant comorbidities (diabetes, CHF, obesity), got CV19. Despite enduring somewhat severe symptoms -digestive and respiratory, accompanied by persistent fever, weakness, cough, and below normal oxygen values- they were both adamant that they would not go to the hospital, because they were terrified of being placed on ventilators.

Desperate, I researched for the elusive cure (carefully absconded by the ‘authorities’ keen on pushing the ‘prevention’ in the form of mRNA or adenovirus viral vector). It became clear that HCQ or azithromycin taken early in the course of the disease, along with adjuvant virus-fighting vitamins and supplements such as allicin and vitamin C, plus vitamin D for immune support, would help. They also took Zn, made frequent inhalations with salt water, practiced breathing exercises, and sat in the orthopneic position (or laid prone) for maximum lung expansion. Thankfully neither of them experienced the immune system overreaction that would have called for dexamethasone. At the end of 3 long weeks, they both started feeling a lot better, the fever and cough relented, and the only remaining issue is tiredness/weakness, which is to be expected when the body mounts such a fight.

You have to ask yourself why, when a treatment is available, and efficacious on even the most vulnerable, the narrative being pushed never mentions it.

Anonymous – CANADA

I have two little children and a dog. Over the last year I’ve been really baffled by how people think it’s ok to muzzle their two, three, four, five, etc year old humans, but not their dog. I keep thinking that if such regulations came out, there would be much more of an uproar among dog owners than there currently seems to be among parents of young children. I shudder every time I hear fully masked parents at the playground sharing ‘tricks’ on how to keep the mask on their toddler. I recently saw as father on a residential street forcing a mask on a little girl as she screamed and tried to rip it off repeatedly. It feels really wrong, on every level. I haven’t masked my children since the beginning and with time I find that I need to advocate for them more and more. It’s only getting harder as the majority of people have accepted it as the ‘norm’.


I was first in my family to develop COVID, the only one fully at home 99% of the time, masked, scared, barely outside. The rest of the family were at work or school. Was winter, probably not eating or supplementing as well as I should have been.
Excellent silver lining of COVID was waking up to the reality of the situation, finding out the truth.
Mainly headaches, malaise – a week in, having no clue it was more than bad migraine attack, decided to get checked out.
You can only be seen by nurses in a clinic. Or the ER (no way).
They asked about a PCR test, I said “you think I should?” and they said sometimes just headaches = COVID. All other vitals normal. I took it, and that night lost sense of taste. Test came back positive, by then I’d infected my husband and son (who knew? Such odd and mild symptoms – zero upper respiratory, no fever, 99 blood ox).
Never missed a day of WFH, online for work entire 2 weeks as I slowly healed. Teen son better in a few days, husband about a week of similar malaise, low fever.
Treated mainly with homeopathics (gelsemium, kali bic, arsenicum).
Worst symptom? FEAR. I was terrified.
2 weeks in, almost all better, I suddenly felt awful again. Called my Dr. , telehealth call. Can’t hear my lungs – tells me, oh this happens all the time, it’s up and down, don’t worry.
I was worried. I called Dr. Zev Zelenko, the Zelenko Protocol guy – hydroxychloroquine, plus zinc and zpack. I’d been taking C, D, Zinc and quercetin, but decided time to call in the big guns.
I had HCQ at home already, thank G-d for Dr. Stella Immanuel’s clinic in Rehoboth, TX, I filled the script and it was waiting for me when I needed it. Walmart Pharmacy filled it for me (not so easy to get it filled – pharmacies decide apparently whether CDC/FDA guidelines are rules, rather than an MD’s opinion). I took the first pill, said goodbye to my family, and got in bed waiting to die. Of course with Zinc – the 200mg HCQ goes with 50mg Zinc Sulfate (I like ionic liquid zinc)
Nothing happened. I didn’t die, or stop breathing, or have a heart attack!
By the next evening, I felt much better. Other friends recovered with the protocol, too. Cost a whopping $20 for all parts (I also took a 250mg Zpack).

If people had HCQ or ivermectin in their cabinets for emergency, there would be no pandemic. If at-risk people took it preventatively, which is ONE pill a week after a loading dose, with zinc, we would not have a pandemic. We’d have far fewer deaths than flu. Because this treatment actually cures early stage (!!) disease. It’s not for late stage, and it’s not to be used with just HCQ. It’s the combination.

I started researching. I realized it’s a complete scam and crime against humanity to deny this simple, safe, cheap, effective set of meds/supplements.
Then I discovered the dangers and non-necessity of the vaccine.


Hello, and thank you for providing this outlet to share our stories. I find not many people in my social circles are willing to listen, either out of fear of covid, or out of fear of having been wrong all this time.
The lockdowns had an immediate effect on me. I have a seated lifestyle and consciously joined a gym to counter health effects of constant sitting. I am by no means a fitness fanatic and go there to move my limbs around and have contact with another human being face to face. Both my physical and mental health suffered as a result of lockdowns when gyms were the first to shut down. My joints are creaky, my muscles are tense, my sleep quality is awful, and I drink more wine now that I have nowhere else to be.
My province just announced their third lockdown not long ago. On April 1 they went on camera to scare people into compliance, and right after the Easter long weekend, on April 6, they announced the new lockdown. This lockdown surely was decided long before April 6, as gov’t does not work weekends, and added insult to injury – how dishonest they were in their April 1 announcement. So, restaurants and gyms are shut down again, and for some reason, libraries. Libraries must be the party central of covid super spreader events! But liquor stores stay open: they are “essential”.
But what bothers me most is the breakdown of social bonds. People are taught to view one another not as fellow human beings but as potential disease carriers. It breaks my heart to see families, with littles ones, all fully masked when they are out by themselves in a wide open park. People jump out of the way, cross the street or would rather walk in the mud, than walk past me on a shared path. I often see a daycare worker on my walks, who wears a mask and a face shield, followed by a gaggle of toddlers. Okay, these are the conditions of her employment, but why did she have to pick a shield with reflective coating? She looks like a freaking Robocop, and that’s what the kids see all day. Will they be able to recognize a human face at all?
My own parents would rather not see me for their fear of covid. My mom’s birthday is approaching, and she said, well, you can visit if covid cases are not very high and you haven’t been out too much. She’s near 70, and she stays indoors all the time, seated, never exercising, cancels her regular medical checkups, and stresses over “cases” all the time. Of course all of this has a negative effect on her immune system, and ironically, she is more likely to have severe consequences from covid, if she ever catches it. Both my mom and my dad cheer when new more severe restrictions are announced, and they openly welcome jail sentences for “dissenters” (as happened to a church pastor in Edmonton, Alberta). Sad part is that they lived most of their lives in the Soviet Union, having immigrated to Canada later in life, so I thought they’d recognize a totalitarian government when they see one. As it turns out, when the gov’t says, “it’s for your health”, all critical thinking is suspended.

Anonymous – GERMANY

Having been stable for almost two decades, with the lockdown measures enforced upon us, the crushing force of trauma has taken control over me again. I never would have thought this was all lingering somewhere subconsciously, now I know for sure that with all the exterior world shut down, most of the factors giving me stability and structure have disappeared and so has my mental stability. I consider myself a victim of these unnecessary measures. Unnecessary, because here in Germany hospitals have never been close to triage, we had approximately 2 thirds of all hospital capacities in use, the number of beds in use has constantly moved between 19.500 and 20.500 beds, throughout the year!


I apologize in advance for the length of this post though I think it could be helpful in the end:

In early January 2020, I became ill with what we now understand to be the symptoms of SARS COVID 2; weeks of fatigue, labored breathing, low grade temp lasting ~5 days, chills, severe dry cough, loss of taste and olfactory sense as well as lesser mentioned ophthalmic and neurological and cognitive symptoms. Two doctors and two rounds of amoxycillin later with ZERO improvement.

In March of 2020, all levels of government began a year-long fear-fest aided by every segment of society from ‘news’ media, the social media/tech cabal and even the ‘scientific and medical community’ itself. They have essentially created a public health crisis apart from COVID.

Being of relatively low medical risk, I physically recovered BUT WE as a species have not even begun to seriously acknowledge the catastrophic mental health crisis that is coming our way. Unlike the virus, there will be no vaccine and no advocacy as strong as the force behind keeping the virus ‘alive.’

Fear has been injected into the population using instability, the breakdown of basic human social fibers including but not limited to; disruptions in education and faith-based practices, forced isolation, silencing of even the most educated and expert discourse and crushing basic critical thought and inquiry all leaving a grotesque and terrible imprint. As we know mental illness can also be viral – and intergenerational. This pandemic is in many ways more destructive than it’s host virus. A constant sense of being scrutinized and watched over and the systemic elimination of quality of life spawn and exacerbate unhealthy coping mechanisms leading to a sense of powerlessness and a diminished will to survive.

The voices in power shift policies and outcomes on a daily basis and have made it clear by now that normal will NEVER be normal again. Many speculate it is by design as part of some larger global . Just objective. little more than a year ago I would have thought this a radical and somewhat delusional hypothesis. But now seems at least somewhat plausible.

Corporate and political behemoths have much to gain from the pandemic power structure. When destabilization fails public shaming and punitive actions are the fall backs. History teaches us that once power is gained it is relinquished only by force (often violent).

Now – what does this all have to do with the coming pandemic within the pandemic? How long will hundreds of millions of people go through this without becoming enraged? If not expressed outwardly through civil unrest, domestic violence, child abuse, increase in violent crime, sexual violence etc. the rage will be turned inward leading to depression. Undiagnosed and untreated disorders produce anxiety , PTSD , and a host of other psychological and psychiatric disease. The sufferers use self medication (alcohol, drugs, food, etc) self harm behaviours such as cutting or trichotillomania, Ultimately hopelessness and suicidal ideation take over and finally (in increased number of cases) end in suicide. And the emperors fiddle while Rome burns only occasionally glancing at the ruins.

And what of those millions who pre-pandemic were already suffering with undiagnosed depression? What of those who had pre-existing mental health issues (in treatment or not) such as bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, etc. ALL OF THESE ARE EXACERBATED. Physical illness and loss of loved ones due to death or isolation are triggers

I am not an expert in the academic sense but I have had issues with my own mental health. I am truly fortunate as I was able to access treatment. I have a job that can be done remotely and is relatively stable. I’m aware of just how lucky i am.

What about the others?? This is an urgent call for public health and thought leaders to take action.

Of greatest importance, if you are suffering please try to find help. If you know someone who is struggling on their own or in treatment, check on them. Make a call – just to say ‘Hi.’ If you notice someone seems extremely ‘down’ or out of sorts for more than a couple of days, talk to them. You don’t have to be a therapist but you might want to help them find one.

Trent Bellamy – CANADA

Hi There,
I hope all is well wherever you are, and you are not in a place of suffering.
4 years ago myself and my partner set out to create community in our city. We opened a yoga studio and a dance studio with aspirations of cultivating community connections within our city. To work with other businesses to see our city and community grow and flourish. As anyone who has started a business knows, it takes roughly 1-3 years to crawl out of the debt created when starting a business! Well our three year mark was around when the first round of lockdowns happened in Canada. Crippling to all small businesses. Open, close, open, close, open, close. A steady cycle. Fear of being shut down if we opened and an “inspection” did not pass someones opinion constantly looming. Let’s do our part and just shut down and take the studios virtual. Attendance dropped over 60% when we transitioned to virtual classes. That meant revenue dropped 60% as well. Landlords not working with us, no assistance from the governments despite them mandating the lockdowns. So we borrowed money, as this pandemic wont last that long. Wrong. $250,000 in debt to pay commercial leases, and software contracts over one year. Still no help from governments. We will pay you back if you keep people employed (CEWS program in Canada). We will pay you a percentage of your rent if you keep renting (CERS program in Canada). Just keep digging the hole and all will be well. We will get through this together they say as the Federal government votes on wage increases for themselves. And that is where I sit today. I wish the easter bunny would have brought news of being able to reopen our business’s again. Thank you for listening.


My wife had covid, I did’nt. She only had extreme pains in her back. No Fever, No trouble breathing, no chills, nothing else.. I haven’t freaked out..
I know it’s a real virus. But not one to call the “Black Plague” We didn’t need to ruin the lives of so many. Big businesses never shut down. I’m in construction. I went to work the entire time. I never wear a mask. I don’t drink or smoke. I keep my immune system bolstered.. What else can I do.. I am not afraid either. More afraid of the “False Narrative”

Francisco G Nobrega – BRAZIL

1) A problem that we have in Brazil, possibly more acute than in rich countries, resides in a characteristic of the lockdown mentality that is strongly advertised and enforced by the media: stay home and get all you need by requesting delivery. This is a mandate that can be followed by the rich small proportion of the population but impossible or too expensive for the large majority like a bakery will not sell you bread at the front door but only sent it to you by a delivery person on a motorcycle.
2) The video about the ugly truth is a masterpiece explaining the gross inventions and lies used to support the “pandemic” crisis. I thank Nick Hudson for the great work. BUT there is an important piece missing and that is the medical side – the treatment of the COVID-19 patients. Possibly this isn’t your focus but, proper early intervention is the missing element that would turn the coronavirus infection into just another easily managed disease. Its lack is the main support for all the rhetoric and scares stories that support the authoritarian stance and lockdown policies, a great part in favor of expensive and inefficient high complexity hospital treatment, expensive new proprietary drugs, and worldwide massive vaccination as the final act to end the created scourge. There is a tremendous effort to suppress the knowledge (practical results and published research) that demonstrate repurposed safe and cheap drugs and nutritional associations work very well in the initial phase of the infection when the virus is starting its replication in our cells and the dangerous inflammatory phase hasn’t started. Countries where the power of those interests is reduced (China, South Korea, India, Senegal, Costa Rica, etc.) use early treatment and the number of deaths adjusted to the population confirms results. It would be great if PANDA could address this side of the equation and illuminate it with your powerful data system.

Martin P Norrad – CANADA

Including in 2017 I have visited Costa Rica 4 times, my latest being 6 weeks in November/December of 2020.


Similar to Canada, while in Costa Rica in 2020 it was a requirement to wear a mask when in public, to social distance, and at most public building entrances hand washing stations (soap) and/or hand sanitizer dispensers were present.

Unlike Canada however, lockdowns were never employed, nor was contact tracing used.

Costa Ricans were/remain free to move about, and to gather in groups, and after a brief initial shutdown at the beginning of the pandemic, their businesses reopened to normal operation.

Out of curiosity, once in late December and again today, as a non-scientific comparitive measure, I divided the number of to-date Covid caused deaths in Canada and in Costa Rica, by the respective total population for each nation (with the result expressed as a percentage)

To gauge how the performance of the restrictive measures imposed upon Canadian society for the past 15 months contrasted to the laissez-faire approach taken by Costa Rica.

Interestingly, my December 2020 calculation showed the same percentage for both nations: 0.04 %

And my April 1, 2021 calculation showed the same percentage for both nations: 0.06 % (increase perhaps is due to the mid-January spike in infections??)

I find it informative that Canada, despite being a wealthier G7 country than Costa Rica, who are a supposed 3rd world country, that Canada’s death rate is no better than that of Costa Rica.

Perhaps this is partially attributable to Costa Rica having a very professional, high quality, public not-for-profit health care system?

Which begs the question; what has Canada gained from employing several rounds of draconian lockdowns, and the resulting disruptions to our businesses, especially small businesses (over 200, 000 have permanently closed), job losses (in excess of 800, 000), the upheaval of our school system, the destruction of the studies and near-term aspirations of our university students and graduates, the cruelty of isolating our fragile seniors in our nursing homes for months on end while not allowing them visits by family members, as well as the degradation of individuals’ mental health, in particular those who live alone.

Anonymous – CANADA

Thank you, PANDA, for the extraordinary and courageous work you are undertaking in your efforts to actually save humanity from itself. You – and other groups like the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, Dr Sunetra Gupta (also at Oxford), Architects for Social Housing in the UK, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms here in Canada, and many other noble and courageous individuals and organizations around the world – are the lifeline we need in this time of unprecedented crisis.

I am inspired by your research and your writings, and greatly comforted by other people’s stories here. As a sometime activist and organizer several years ago, I would like to start by floating an idea.

While street protests and civil disobedience are hugely important to bring about true change (think Gandhi, Martin Luther King, anti-apartheid, anti-Vietnam war, etc.), they are ineffectual if the numbers are low. So, we must build a movement through other peaceful means first…with the long-term goal of engaging in both eventually.

One way that is simple, and takes very little time and effort, is to engage in letter/email-writing and telephone campaigns.

To give you an example: I wrote to my federal Member of Parliament here in Canada just last week, and had a personal response within a week (what can I say: he’s a decent man). While he chose to respond to just one of the issues I raised (vaccine passports), it was ever so slightly reassuring to hear that he would actually fight against them, should the need arise.

Now, my MP, hearing from just one lone voice against the maelstrom of lies and distortions from politicians, so-called ‘health professionals’, and a totally amoral media, can remain (heretofore demonstrated decency aside) quite blasé about his complicity in the erosion of Canadians’ human rights and civil liberties (if you haven’t already seen evidence of quarantine internment here in Canada, you should check it out).

So…just imagine if he and his cohorts around the world heard from hundreds of thousands of us in each country. That would most definitely make them sit up and listen. I strongly suspect they just haven’t heard it yet.

While the long-term goal would be to mobilize in order to engage in civil disobedience and peaceful protest rallies, the harsh reality is that, in the current climate of swift ostracization and banishment to the fringes of society, we need to do some constructive and strategic ‘working from home’ for now.

We are NOT powerless, as the charlatans would have us believe. Having watched this nightmare transition to totalitarianism unfold and worsen exponentially over the past year, it is time we made our voices heard.

I am willing to volunteer to help kickstart such a campaign here in Canada. If we could use PANDA as a conduit to put like-minded people in touch with each other in their respective countries or communities, we can start a simple process:

Find the names of all pertinent politicians at every level…local, provincial, federal…find their telephone numbers and email addresses, and embark on a campaign of email and letter writing. We can also undertake a coordinated telephone campaign, which other social justice and environmental activists have used to great effect over the years.

And I’m totally open to other suggestions.


Not sure you can define this as a story but this has just been my experience living in Belgium since the start of this pandemic.

Once countries started to lock down Belgium was a part of that, everything shut down from one day to the next. We were not allowed to move freely within the country, for the first month we could only go outside to exercise (alone) or to go the store or to perform your job if it could not be done from home. Movement outside of your house for any other reason was not allowed. Thousands of elderly and sick people spend their last weeks alone waiting to die, locked up in nursing homes trapped with the virus inside. Caregivers too afraid to give proper care, having no idea how to properly handle this situation. I am convinced hundreds of elderly people died simply because of improper care and locking them up inside with the virus.

From the very start I had a hard time with the rules, why was I not allowed to drive 20km away from my house to visit a nice park? “Its too dangerous” By then we already knew a bit about the virus and nothing they said made any sense.

At first we didn’t have to wear masks, then suddenly it became mandatory to wear masks.. how? why? how can anyone believe these things will actually protect them. At first masks were not provided by government so people made their own at home masks, that do absolutely nothing to protect anything but you had to do it if you wanted to be a part of life.

And the crazy rules continued, using terms like ‘bubble of 1′ that’s right, we were allowed one contact to talk to, that’s it. Track and tracing apps, people forced to self quarantine if in contact with a PCR test positive person, people getting 250€ tickets because not wearing a mask, or being to close to other people, or going too far from their house..

Then curfew came, not allowed to be outside between 22h and 5am.

In a matter of months our country went from a democratic free country to a to totalitarian state. Every aspect of our life was controlled by the government, we were only allowed to breathe, live and move if they gave the ok to do so.

Our borders closed for several months, then reopened and then closed again and have now been closed for 4-5 months. We are not allowed to leave the country, curfew is still there, stores closed, forced masks, massive testing, vaccine propaganda.

There is very heavy censorship on anything and anyone who speaks out about what is going on.

The media is completely controlled by the government, they are not allowed to write anything that goes against the narrative that they are trying to force.

Recently the Belgium state has been convicted in the court of Brussels that the current corona measurements are not lawful. The trial started from a humans rights party. The government responded by stating they will change and add things to the law making everything they currently do lawful.

Life in the past year has been absolutely tragic living in a totalitarian state like this, now there is talk about vaccine passports.

My country seems obsessed with the vaccine. They have always said it’s the only solution to this problem, and that we will return to normal once enough people get vaccinated. They are basically selling the vaccine as a ticket to freedom. And after a year like this many people are eager to get that ticket not knowing what the vaccine means for them.

The state is basically forcing a vaccine experiment on their entire population with the idea that if enough people do it, they will be free again.

It is all nonsense, lies. And its all you hear on tv, radio..

What I’  m most afraid of is how many people believe and follow this narrative, completely brainwashed.

I look at my country (and most parts of the world) as a big cult that formed and they have specific rules and ideas that you need to follow to be a part of it. And if you don’t want to be a part of it they will find a way to make your life even more miserable. Denying you every basic human right you have.

I don’t know where the future will take my country, but it’s not looking good.
I decided a long time ago where I draw the line in the sand and for me its simple:
No vaccine, No testing, No tracing, No mask.

If the situation here gets too bad I will look into options of leaving this country but I will not be dictated on how and when I can live my life and I will not be a part of a medical trial for no reason other than to make big pharma rich.

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