Gunther Hochleitner – BRAZIL


Since 15 March the public authorities here in the State of Goiás (where I live, in central Brazil) have been informing us of the GREAT PERIL we are all at RISK of, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And since 15 March I have been pestering those same public authorities (through use of the Brazilian LAW OF INFORMATION ACCESS) with questions regarding the EXACT NATURE OF THAT RISK. So far, the official answer is that THEY CANNOT AT THIS TIME QUANTIFY THE EXACT NATURE OF THAT RISK , while at the same time enacting all kinds of restrictions on account of it.

But thank GOD good sense has generally prevailed, and no LOCKDOWNS we have suffered!


Hello Panda, and a big thanks for what you are doing!
i own a small hair salon in southern england
we re-opened last wednesday after the november lockdown
in 1 week i have had 6 people (clients) tell me they have lost either a loved one or know of someone who has died not from covid but directly as a result of lockdown and not getting the care/treatment they needed and deserved!
i am absolutely disgusted at this!


All the best for our global fight !!

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I am a lucky individual who is able to be working through a lockdown. PCR testing and surface temperature monitoring are the parameters I must comply with to be able to continue work. I found out on a Friday night that if I wanted to come back to work on Monday I had to get a PCR test because 5 people at work I had no contact with tested positive. I had no symptoms. I had the test done, I missed Monday as the results did not come back in time for work. I was not paid for this day missed (side note; I work away from home) . My employer asked me to do a second PCR test Monday night because they want results back quicker. Both results came back negative. Upon returning to work I was surface temperature screened three times one day, the first time having my temperature be too high (because of the hat I was wearing.. it’s winter), then having it done again and it being fine. The Covid marshals returned and ask again for my surface temperature. I said no. I was informed I would no longer be allowed on the job site if I did not comply. So I did it, it was fine. I showed up to work with two negative PCR tests and was asked to have my surface temperature checked three times.

I don’t trust these parameters nor do I find them necessary and I have amble reason not to. I am finding myself wanting to fight these unnecessary per-cautions.. sadly my reality is I need this job (I would be working else where, but my profession is in the tourism industry which is not going to be running this winter). I also want to point out the expense of all these screening methods. Free PCR testing for essential workers (this will have to be paid for at some point yes?) And the screening monitors equipment costs, then the position of a covid marshal to administer the screenings, and time paid to the employee as they are on hours during this screening day after day.

What I am recognizing is my mental health is in a terrible state. Pressures from work, not wanting to upset friends and colleagues with my view points, noticing my viewpoints are being politicized (Anti lockdowns = right wing/fascist political views, loosen covid measures = Trump supporter), and feeling trapped in a world of people who do not question mainstream media.are the main contributors to my anxiety.

My story is no where near a terribly bad experience. What I am trying to highlight is that mental health is fragile and under these pressures a person could be sent spiraling into depression and anxiety. What’s worse is I don’t even have it bad. I have people I can talk to about my anxieties and I have somewhere to go if I can no longer work. I can only imagine how much suffering is going on for people, who are in a far worse situation than my own, experiencing our covid-fear overrun world.

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

I am a middle class widowed, retired mother and daughter. The impact of the lockdown and other Covid 19 policies has affected my family directly, my adult child of 36 has lost their job in an industry which will take years to recover if ever, the only option is to move back in with me and retrain in something else at great expense, the mental health effect is that this once confident independent adult now suffers depression and requires medical help, my mom who is 91 yrs of age has declared that she would rather die than remain isolated from her family, a sentiment shared by all her friends, My family is not unique and most are in worse situations yet being law abiding we have all complied to the requirements and we now know that we have been sold-out by misguided, self-serving politicians aided by money hungry media, intentionally blind to their accountability and the devastation being caused. The end game will not be pretty.

Bernhard Kirschner – SOUTH AFRICA

In March 2020, when I read that most of the deaths from SARS-CoV-2 were from the elderly with co-morbidities, I could not understand the reasoning behind locking down the entire population.

Knowing a bit about HTML, I published a website, suggesting what I called Plan B, which was to concentrate on protecting the most vulnerable. I could not understand the reaction to this disease with South Africa and the rest of the world introducing restrictions guaranteed to cause a catastrophe, especially having previously ignored so much other preventable death.
The official reaction to Covid-19 became a full-time obsession with me. I subscribed to multiple newspapers and medical journals. Each day as I found new information, I would add it to my website where I followed the advice from the WHO and CDC, such as at the time not to wear masks.

I sent out press releases to every media outlet that I could find, without a single response. I tried to speak to local radio hosts but was shut down. Additionally, almost everyone had been, and still are so terrified of the virus, that they accepted what they were told by the government and a very willing and compliant media. My friends and family believed and still do that I went lockdown crazy.

There were many like-minded who questioned official policies, such as the PANDA group and Ivor Cummins, but since criticism was suppressed, we did not know of each other. Although I had been in IT for 40 years, I had looked down on social media and did not know how to use it to spread my message.

During the last few months, there has been a growing acceptance that maybe the reaction to Covid-19 had been and still is the biggest mistake in history, which is the heading of my website at

Heidi Short – SOUTH AFRICA

On Friday the 20th November, my 14 year old son became ill with appendicitis and was admitted to Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Cape Town. He was in a huge amount of pain, and tests confirmed that he would require an appendectomy to remove the appendix.
Hospital rules apparently stipulated that he required a negative Covid test result before surgery could be performed.
Whilst I believe that he was not in immediate danger of his appendix rupturing, he was still in a lot of pain and was made to wait almost 19 hours before the surgery was performed the next day.
On Friday night, whilst waiting for his Covid test result, he shared a room with a very elderly and frail gentleman, someone who would definitely be at risk from Covid-19.
The sheer lunacy of the situation caused me endless frustration! My child was made to wait for hours, on a cocktail of pain medication, and endure an extra and unnecessary night in hospital (paid for by medical aid) because of the miniscule risk that he may pass on the virus to theatre staff (who would be covered in PPE anyway), should he indeed end up testing positive following surgery.
And yet, there he was, spending 19 hours in the same room as someone at very real risk from the disease, separated by a thin curtain, and neither protected by any form of PPE.
Whilst the care he received from both hospital staff and his surgeon was outstanding, the situation calls into question the sheer stupidity of the rules.
My son is at negligible risk from Covid-19. His risk from a ruptured appendix was many times higher. The risk to the elderly gentleman was even higher than that (although, if positive, being completely asymptomatic, my son would have passed on miniscule amounts of the virus, if any).
The agenda behind the fiasco is hard to decipher, although more money for the hospital and companies producing the tests is surely a reason.
One thing is certain though, the health and well-being of both a young man and a elderly gentleman were not considered when any of the decisions and rules were made!

Shirley Renwick – SOUTH AFRICA

I have just read an article on Daily Maverick, calling itself an expert advisory on how to identify fake news. It includes this paragraph


“The CDC currently estimates that Covid in the US has a 0.65% infection fatality rate (deaths per person infected); that is six times the flu infection fatality rate of 0.1%. And 0.65% of the South African population is 390,000 people, nearly eight times our current excess deaths in the past months and nearly 20 times our official Covid deaths.”

If this is not blatant misleading information and fearmongering I don’t know what is!!

This is signed by a whole shopping list of experts.

I am really curious as to why the medical fraternity is pushing so hard with the narrative that Covid19 is the most deadly disease since 1918, and supporting the lockdown initiatives.

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

The most miserable year of my life, not because of the fear of the virus but because of the absolutely inhumane unfounded unscientific lockdowns, social distancing measures and forced mask wearing that make absolutely no sense!! The lockdowns have caused me so much anxiety I have contemplated suicide twice, fortunately my kids have been my saving grace. I have lost 75 % of my annual income (small business in international tourism) and have had to reinvent myself. I am so stressed sometimes i feel as if I cant breath my chest is so tight. I had visions right in the beginning (and I never even knew about conspiracy theories) of civil unrest, forced vaccines, tracking and tracing, big tech censorship, digital warfare, spiritual warfare, total domination through AI, and the implementation of the great reset (NWO))… in other words I realized very early on that COVID 19 is just a smoke screen. This year has caused me so much stress i am surprised i am still alive! I decided it was my duty to speak up about it so have been sharing all PANDA’s stuff from the beginning. You guys too (beside’s my children) have been my saving grace because it was only the stats that made me realize I wasn’t mad.

Stephen Jones – UNITED KINGDOM

In this article, Oxford University establish that the Innova test inuse at Liverpool has a specificity of 99.68%, with 0.32% false positives.

And in this article, the bbc says that the first 90,000 tests in Liverpool had 336 hits, only marginally more than the amount expected from a population with no virus present given the 0.32% false positives.

These two facts suggest that Liverpool is now largely free of the virus? If so, I request the government to release Liverpool from lockdown.

Dr Martin Wucher – Namibia

Hi All
I live next door in Namibia. My background is microbiology, zoology, dentistry and functional medicine.
When this scamdemic started, I believed it was about a virus. So we made a “farmer plan” to solve the issue. This is what we normally do.
I learnt, nobody wanted a simple solution. Namibia Government, EU, WHO, University of Namibia etc.
I made a couple of videos in March – April 2020.
Here is a sample:
If you would like more I can provide the others. I believe they can help our people in Southern Africa.
There are others about what is behind this. That’s if you are not too “gatvol”
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous – USA

I am not a denier that we are amidst a health crisis. In these uncertain times our “esteemed” leaders are not informing the public but terrorizing them. The stats in the US are being manipulated to serve many purposes which quite honestly I do not understand. In the state I live in our governor mandated to our physicians that any individual that dies and at the time of death tested positive for covid 19 be deemed a covid death. That is an individual, for example, with terminal cancer, or heart attack who contracted covid in a hospital or nursing home, succumbs to their long term illness, is automatically listed as a covid death? How may this affect the surviving family with death benefit payouts? I have already heard accounts of insurance companies denying death benefits because the death was listed as covid. He also mandated that if a physician “thinks” the patient had covid, to mark it as a covid death on the death certificate! Now I am no legal advisor, but if a physician does follow the governor, based on a “hunch” and signs his or her name on a death certificate, isn’t that an illegal act that governor is mandating? In the US, its easy: follow the political gain, follow the monetary gain and you will find you answer! Following the data seems to be a great talking point, but unfortunately here is only that.

Dr. Panos G. Adamopoulos – Greece

W0W…. Unique Data Site…. Bravo.
(Un)Fortunately I do not have a personal”SARS-CoV-2″ story to share, but only a first-hand affair of the Human Nemesis that trails all of us and try to render a vāde mēcum of our status quo; there is escape not only hope, at

Rick Kershaw – Canada

First, thank you for compiling this data and making it available to the general public.
I am retired and can remember in Canada when we did not have government provided healthcare. As HC progressed in the country more restrictions seem to have been placed on doctors to provide care and for patients to get care without the interference of the provincial and Canadian health officials. In this epidemic we have been told , if sick, to stay away from doctors and emergency rooms, go get tested, quarantine until hospitalization is required. There is no out patient care it is replaced with stonewalling by politicians, health guessers (I refuse to call them experts) and even the medical community. They ignore requests to look at data or consider what other countries are successful with.
The narrative here is 1) there is no cure or treatment 2) there is no immunity (they refuse even to consider to listen to doctors that are pointing out immunity is possible) 3) Just wait for the vaccine in another year (you see the hypocrisy). 4) Health Canada has all the answers (I can list 10 of their blunders) Masks are proven 85% effective (no peer reviewed study required).
Canada is in different stages of lock downs, restrictions and mandatory masks because of vocal health guessers demanding it. One local doctor is raising the specter of catastrophic consequences and leads the vocal minority of doctors demanding more lock downs. He admits he is afraid to go home in case he infects his family. I guess he has no confidence to treat his own children. The other 11,000 doctors in the province are afraid to speak out except for a few that are retired. One speaking out is a friend and is a retired doctor of microbiology from the Univ. here but he is ignored even by his peers.
I have followed a number of doctors and sites that are giving a counter or balanced narrative such as Ivor Cummins, Dr. Seheult (US youtube), Dr. Morbeen Sayed (US youtube), Sebastian Rushworth M.D, Dr. M. Kendrick, and many of the people of the GBD, CEBM, the various European doctors and scientific experts. As well as searched out many treatments around the globe.
I have taken the time to write to local, provincial and national politicians. I have written to school boards, Canadian assoc. of Phys. and Surgeons and their provincial counterparts. Generally I receive patronizing responses sometimes touting their new found scientific opinions.
One I have advocated for was rapid antigen testing, which now, 6 months late and lots of patronizing and further stonewalling they are distributing but at a very slow rate of implementation.
I also, comment, where relevant, on newspaper articles pointing to the sites and studies that offer the data, even citing the WHO. I try to educate. There are a number of people who comment providing similar information but people would rather wallow in their ignorance and depend blindly on the guessers. You can lead a horse to water but this seems to be like dragging a dead horse there. Even my own brother refuses to consider education on immunity. “No, you can get it again” (I know somewhat true but not in the way he imagines)

My mother is 89 and is disgusted that governments are holding her for ransom, so to speak. She taught us the story of Chicken Little (the sky is falling) and is unswayed by the fear mongering. Likewise I have an 89 year old aunt dying of cancer who lamented, What is the big deal. She and her 92 year old sister in an elder care home both went through many hardships and are still two of the most fun people to meet.
I spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren. At the start of this there was a picture of a grandfather across the street from his granddaughter waving at her. Propaganda? The implication was, stay away from your grandchildren or they may cause your death. My take was “You don’t know it yet grandpa but your already dead” Both my wife and I put away our hesitations and have had numerous camp outs, sleepovers and family get-togethers.
Again thank you for the great site and for allowing me to relate my narrative.


Gregory Hoets – South Africa

I have fought against the covid lockdowns since beginning of March to no avail. I noticed, in March, that the WHO would not specifically state the difference between infection fatality rate and case fatality rate. I saw this as a crime against humanity. I did my best to spread the word in the months that have followed. I have lost my dignity in the process and ruined various relationships. I contacted regional media (News 24), humiliated doctors, approached schools, risks improsonment by posting on large whattsapp groups. It had some effect but I the effect to my health and reputation, in the end, was not worth it. A global tragedy of record proportions.

Anonymous – AUSTRALIA

Not my story but the story of a Police Officer in New South Wales in Australia highlighting the errors lies and ignorance over the COVID Scamdemic.
the pdf of the report is here: Read more

Anonymous – UK

Three weeks ago I lost my business due to the lockdown restrictions. It was a business that me & my business partner, Dave, had spent most of our working lives preparing for. We specialised do in engine parts for racing motorcycles. The loss of the business left us £400,000 in debt. We closed the business on the Friday. At 1am on the Sunday morning Dave’s daughter phoned me to say that she had come home from a night out with her boyfriend to find her Dad hanging in the hallway. I’m an old soldier, I’ve witnessed some horrible stuff. This is up there as one of the worst because it was totally unnecessary and pointless. We were just two honest hard working guys with twelve staff. Dave’s daughter & boyfriend have moved in with my family, they had nowhere else to go, and going back home really wasn’t an option. We are working on the debt & it’s possible that it can be substantially reduced however there is no way in my lifetime that I will be able to pay back even a tenth of what I now owe. We had no chance of survival, we were closed down by some really horrible people. The worst bit of all is the damage to the kids. Their future is very damaged but worst of all I can see that they have lost hope. I pray for a miracle.

Anonymous – USA

Simply put, I was on what I called the Corona cocktail for 5 years. it amounts to 500mg Quercetin, 20,000 iu D, 6 grams C, 100mcg Se, 3mg Cu. 1mg MK7, 50mg MK4, and 10mg K1. my body mass index is 24 and age 67 and in excellent shape. my education is PhD in leadership, MS Biochemical Engineering, MS Statistics, and a Tier 1 MBA. I am a production manager at a paper mill. When I saw the Diamond Princess, I immediately knew that was the correct model and told anyone who would listen. Now, more to the point. If this cocktail worked, it would provide an effective virus buffer, meaning I would have the virus assault me but I would be asymptomatic. Turned out to be true. No antibodies or PCR from Feb to the end of Oct. my BRR tested PCR positive and antibody positive and was sick but not at hospital. She was not dutiful with regard to the cocktail. I was and am fine. Protocol stated I was to get tested. I too was positive for PCR and antibodies but no symptoms and feel fine. I also have not had the flu in 19 years.

Anonymous – UK

My mum due to lockdown and a very ill dementia sufferer husband needing full time care and care help got a blood clot needing a stent may 27th. My mum was 72 and full of life an emergency op 99.7% of people survive easily. The lack of exercise and being on the tablet computer more assisted this happening. The hospital refused anyone to go with her or be at the hospital.mum had rang said they had no access to her records. I rang back after 20 mins that night to say she was on 4 meds for acid due to a damaged throat valve and for acid reflux mainly.they were told not to give her any abrasive foods etc. At 4am they rang and said could I get there she was in danger they had stuck her on a ventilator instead of giving oxygen due to protocols. The ventilator killed her instantly due to her throat issue. My brother got there before it was turned off. The lawyers say they will take the case free but now the law says that only the person with power of eternity for her husband – not related or interestedcantake this forward. I was adopted at birth and took 50years to find my mum.she was lovely for 2 years before the cbd deep state murdered her. I love you mum.let there be justice .

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