Big News About Vitamin D, 4 Experts:

This video should be viewed by every doctor, public health administrator and politician, the world over. If COVID-19 doesn’t make the world wake up to the terrible costs of the easily avoided vitamin D deficiency pandemic, I can’t imagine what will. This will be a revolution at least as significant as those of handwashing, sanitation, vaccination, anesthetics, antibiotics, medical imaging and DNA analysis.I think each of the four speakers presented completely cogent cases from different perspectives. Calcifediol in Cordoba, going straight into circulation (no liver delay of a few days) is precisely what those patients need to get their immune cells’ autocrine signalling working again – a magic bullet indeed, when minutes and hours really matter. I totally support Dr Grimes view of the immorality of further RCTs along these lines. What more evidence to people reasonably want? This is a safe and very well researched nutrient, not a drug – and the patients are very deficient.The UK 10ng/ml threshold of deficiency is crazily low. D3 is converted (in the liver, and perhaps elsewhere) into circulating 25OHD. This is converted in the kidneys to circulating 1,25OHD (calcitriol) which is a hormone (long distance signalling via the circulation) – for calcium and bone metabolism. So 25OHD is a pro-hormone for this one hormonal function of vitamin D, with D3 being a pro-pro-hormone. Many types of cell, including especially various immune system cells, use the circulating 25OHD as the feedstock for autocrine (entirely within the cell) signaling. The circulating 25OHD levels need to be 40ng/ml or more for this autocrine signalling to work properly. This aspect of vitamin D – pretty much all the bodily functions for which vitamin D plays a vital role except calcium/bone – is not hormonal.The level of 25OHD is not signalling anything. It is a supply level of a compound which is needed and consumed by autocrine signalling processes of an unknown, but probably quite large, number of cell types, especially of the immune system. 40 to 60ng/ml (100 to 150nmol/L) vitamin D levels are required for proper immune system functioning. There is little vitamin D in food or multivitamins. High elevation sunshine is not available to most people all year round – and causes DNA damage. Average weight people need about 0.125mg (5000IU) D3 a day to attain 50ng/ml. This is a gram every 22 years and the ex-factory cost is USD$2.50 a gram. Good vitamin D levels will somewhat reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19.More importantly these levels greatly reduce the risk of serious symptoms and greatly reduce the rate of vital shedding – so reducing the rate of transmission. If everyone had these levels, then there would be no need for lockdowns, vaccines or masks for COVID-19 and there would be numerous other health benefits, including much less sepsis, ARDS and severe influenza. There would be no need for influenza vaccines either. The reported reduction of risk of COVID-19 infection with higher vitamin D levels is probably not entirely due to an individual’s better protection against a given viral insult.Since there is likely to be some correlation between an individual’s 25OHD level and the levels of all the people they mix with who, if infected, could shed viruses and so potentially infect them, then part of the observed lowered risk would be due to those people, if infected (with higher 25OHD levels) shedding fewer viruses. Likewise some other component of the observations would be due to those people being less likely to become infected. Still, the observations are entirely relevant to the epidemiology of raising everyone’s 25OHD levels.For the latest research, please see Karl Pfleger’s page “Low Vitamin D Worsens COVID-19” and my pages: search Bing or DuckDuckGo, for “Nutrition to reduce COVID-19 serious harm and death”. (Google’s search engine feigns ignorance of my vitamin D COVID-19 pages – censorship, I think.) For an explanation of autocrine signalling, search Bing or DuckDuckGo for my “Vitamin D in autocrine signaling”.This links to an article “An autocrine Vitamin D-driven Th1 shutdown program can be exploited for COVID-19″ Reuben McGregor et al. which describes how lymphocytes from the lungs of hospitalised COVID-19 patients fail to complete their switch from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory programs, due to their autocrine signalling failing due to lack of 25OHD.


Public health is never about ONE virus. This, according to Dr. Martin Kulldorff, epidemiologist and public health researcher at Harvard Medical School, is Public Health 101. Public health measures must take into consideration outcomes for the entire public. They should aim to foster equality not inequality. The basic idea that those rich enough to sit at home working on Zoom, while they get food delivered to their homes by “essential” workers, and all essential workers are out there working away while the rich shelter at home, is in NO WAY aiming for equality. Poor kids have no options for school in districts that are remote while kids whose parents can send them, out of desperation to keep them mentally healthy, to private schools, is not what any public health entity should be accepting as a successful strategy. Furthermore, how did teachers not make the list of “essential workers”?! You have to work at Home Depot but you don’t need to care for and educate the nation’s children?!! WHAT?!

The WH0’s definition of a pandemic is “an infection that spreads over a wide area and affects a large proportion of the population”. We KNOW that this virus kills a tiny percentage of the population. One one hundredths of one percent, in fact. .01%. We know, scientifically speaking, that this has been proven over and over again by scientists and doctors all over the world. We know that it is in the range of 1000 times more dangerous for the elderly/infirm and other at risk groups, than the vast majority of the human population. We know this. This is a fact.

A group of 53,000 medical and public health scientists and infectious disease epidemiologists worldwide, are gravely concerned about the obvious and horrific collateral damage that is plaguing the ENTIRE population both physically and mentally as a result of the current covid-19 policies. These policies are also most devastating for the poor, all disadvantaged groups and children, above all. They recommend a Focused Protection Strategy as outlined in the Great Barrington Declaration. Amongst the authors is one of the top infectious disease researchers in THE WORLD, at Oxford University, Sunetra Gupta. She is currently working on a universal flu vaccine. She has been studying how viruses work for her entire career. Gupta, as yet, has not been allowed to meet with any policy makers to conduct a roundtable discussion of ideas. This is a bizarre and terrifying development in the world of public discourse and public policy. This is tragic. And it’s killing people.

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

I heard a devastating story last week whilst sitting in my local SAPS police station.


Three police officers were openly discussing a case they had received of a man who had just committed suicide, in his home in a nearby suburb, by way of a gunshot to the head.

Apparently this individual had just received a positive covid test result and he was terrified of the symptoms to come. The police officers described his motivation as: “to prevent himself from suffering, he killed himself”.

One officer described this individual as selfish, because his death was subjecting them all to a gruesome scene.

I could hardly believe my ears. How could these officers be so incredibly insensitive and naïve?

A man is dead. His fear overcame his will to live. FEAR! Not any physical discomfort. The mere thought of getting Covid was too much for him to bear.

Who is really to blame here? A man overcome by fear? Or politicians and journalists who choose to spread misinformation and fearmonger on a daily basis?

Sadly, the true culprits will not be held accountable. This man’s death should more accurately be attributed to murder, not suicide.

Anonymous – USA


In 1917, my grandfather, 17, lied about his age so he could enlist in the marines and fight in
WWI. (He was supposed to be at least 18). He was assigned to a platoon. A week before he
was to ship out, he came down with the mumps, so naturally, he wasn’t allowed to go. No one in
his platoon ever returned. Hunh, you never know when a virus might just save your life. Do you?
Ever thought that perhaps being exposed to Covid-19 may actually be beneficial to you in the
future? I mean, after all, this is how we evolved; challenging our immune system so that it would
get stronger. We were not all handed a vaccine and told that taking it was the only way to
survive. On the contrary, our immune systems evolved over thousands of years to handle most
viruses. And 99.98% of humanity is handling SARS CoV-2.
Have we made our immune systems weaker than they were by hiding at home all this time,
social distancing and wearing masks? Yes we absolutely have! Children need to be in contact
with germs to build their immune systems for life. All people need exposure to build up immunity
to any virus, and those that will arise from its mutations. When our bodies are exposed to a
pathogen, our bodies automatically create five to six types of antibodies to protect us from the
next mutations and strains that will ultimately arise from the first one. So if you give a virus
enough time, during, say, a lockdown and social distancing, where no one is in contact with the
virus, you will give rise to the next epidemic. That is what is happening right now. The strains
that we see now are in the same family as the first, but by preventing people from being
exposed, we have made everything worse. This is according to top epidemiologists all over the
world that the government refuses to listen to.
So in a sense, something in us has always had to be a fighter to survive.
My grandfather also went on to live through the Spanish Flu epidemic the next year. He never
spoke about it. He told us loads of stories about his adventurous and difficult life. How he built a
business, starting in the year 1929, that is still in operation today. We heard tons of stories
about that. We heard that on his way to work one morning, looking a bit bedraggled since he
worked 16 hour days, he fell down into the gutter having a heart attack at age 47. People
passed him by, thinking he was a drunk. But one nurse knew what was happening and saved
his life. He went on to never smoke another day in his life and lived to be 82.
But the Spanish flu never entered into any of our talks; must not have been too memorable.
Imagine, the largest loss of life on US soil since the Civil War and he never even mentioned it.
And here we are, our society destroyed, reacting to a virus that is no more lethal than the
seasonal flu. The WHO declared this in October. Not to mention, we have been counting the
illnesses and fatalities with a very questionable testing protocol; the PCR test often designates
people who are in the hospital for some other ailment as a covid-19 patient. It indicates that a
healthy person who has no symptoms and feels fine is carrying an infectious virus and needs to
quarantine when they are not contagious in any way. The PCR test has inflated the numbers of
people that are diagnosed with and have died of covid-19. The WHO has admitted three times that the PCR test is too sensitive. And its inventor, who won the Nobel Prize in 1993, but died in
2019, said it was never meant to diagnose an illness. Never before has something been
considered a “case” when the person has no symptoms. So what is going on?
How did they know they were in a pandemic in 1918 if they did not have a PCR test to tell
them? Tens of thousands more people were dying than had died the year before, or the year
before that….that’s how. They didn’t have to give someone a test to see if they were dying of
the flu. They just saw that countless more people were dying. That is not happening now. So
what is?
Where have all the fighters gone? What has happened to all the persistent, creative,
indefatigable, amazing, thoughtful and intelligent men and women who would never give up and
upon whose shoulders our nation, and indeed, the world are built? Have they really been
replaced by a bunch of neurotic, fearful, germaphobic wimps that hide in their homes fearing a
virus? Saying that they can’t go out to work and live and thrive and no one can attend school
because of a virus that kills approximately .01% of the population? All this while SOME people
are forced to work to make a living because they have been designated “essential”. Let them do
everything for us while we, who are rich enough to work from home, hide away. Has our country
and indeed, our world, suddenly been commandeered by a few “experts” who refuse to listen to
any other experts in the fields of medicine, epidemiology, and science? Have we stopped even
“doing” science? That dialectic exercise that requires a back and forth of ideas and experiments
to exist? Have we lost our minds? What is going on here?
It’s embarrassing. It’s truly embarrassing that this is the world now. I am so glad my grandfather
isn’t here to see it. He would be appalled. “Sissies.” he would say. “Just a bunch of sissies.” He
wanted to fight for this country. And he worked hard to add to its prosperity. Shouldn’t WE be
fighting to do that? I know I am.

Viccy Wanliss – SOUTH AFRICA

I have observed that the institutions where people are most vulnerable are the same institutions where people are most vulnerable to abuse. My sister was unfortunately a victim of such abuse. She contracted Tick bite fever mid November 2020. She thought she could “sweat it out” at home, but she had to go to hospital eventually. At hospital, they insisted on a PCR test, which she declined, because she knew she had Tick bite fever, not pneumonia. No permission from a patient is needed in order to administer a PCR test. My sister was experiencing muscle cramps and the nurse was supposed to inject a muscle relaxant into her drip, but instead put it directly in to her arm. My sister’s heart stopped and she had to be resuscitated. While she was lying incapacitated, they did the PCR test and then wheeled her off to have x-rays done. The doctor admitted to my sister the muscle relaxant needed to be diluted in the drip, but on the medical form she put the incident down as an allergic reaction. My sister was PCR negative (by some small miracle, since South Africa has the PCR Ct at 40 -45, and anything above 35 is not recommended as being able to provide an accurate test). I shudder to think what would have been done to her had she been PCR positive, since the WHO recommends rapid advancement to intubation and ventilation, despite evidence that this invasive procedure leads to a quick decline and death in patients, (and this is something that South African doctors discovered early on, although for some reason they seem to have reverted back to ventilation again). My sister nearly died, but for the doctor that was a job well done. If she had gotten a positive PCR test, she would have been incorrectly treated, and would most likely have died. The cause of death would have been “Covid 19” since South African doctors by law have to classify a death as Covid 19, needing only the positive PCR test result as diagnosis. In fact, they can even put Covid 19 on the death certificate with a negative PCR result, there just needs to be the presence of symptoms concurrent with Covid 19 (which also happen to apply to many diseases). In fact, now that I think about it, my sister could very easily have become a Covid 19 statistic.

Private Hospitals have a history of being “Incentivised to over-provide”, this means they are already open to manipulation. Public hospitals are vulnerable to political interference. This was clear from the Covid 19 Echo clinic of the Department of Medicine for UCT and GSH,(see ) where instead of a serious discussion about the 57 263 articles written about Covid 19, it was deemed appropriate to turn to political satire instead. Regardless of whether you think Donald Trump is a hero or a toad, how exactly does this help someone recover from pneumonia? When the question of the 173 ongoing case studies in China arose, (even though China declares they have no more cases), it was dismissed offhand as just them forgetting to take the cases down from the website.

Dr Sean Wasserman also recommends Remdesivir, a patented drug. No mention is made of Ivermectin, a nobel prize winning medication, on the the WHO’s list of essential medicines, of which extensive peer reviewed studies have been published in the treatment of Covid 19, which the FDA just point blank refuses to review (see ). Ivermectin is off -patent and cheap and despite it being endorsed by the Evidenced-Based Medicine Consultancy (see ) a doctor in Durban was arrested (see ) after the “outlawed drug” was allegedly being dispersed at his hospital!

Any layman can tell you what happens to a production line when you drastically impede service, decrease capacity and use faulty equipment. Can any doctor or medical provider seriously say that they think medical care in 2020 was at optimum levels compared to previous years, for all diseases? Have they considered the impact of all the new protocols introduced, new operational procedures, new tests, new case definitions along with nurses and doctors being sent home as “asymptomatic” cases? Has any study been done on the impact of these? My intuition tells me that excess deaths will be directly in proportion to the stringency with which these new protocols have been implemented in various hospitals.

The whole time I’ve seen debating on “whether lockdowns work”, but what we really need to very seriously observe is how far medical practice has been captured and perverted, and what effect that has had on excess deaths. It is pure evil to knowingly provide the wrong care and to prevent the right care from being administered.

Susanne – GERMANY

I am a very healthy and fit woman and I am in love with Life. Since April 2020 I am educating myself about the real reasons of this heavy Lockdown and absurd “laws” and the more I know, the more I see me dreams, aspirations and visions vanish.

One year has been wasted. One year has been taken from me. One year of Life time that can not be given back. I value time more than anything. I used to do every single day something that would get me closer to my dreams. Through this Lockdown I suffer mentally and spiritually. The hobbies and passions that I had are no longer possible, as I was attending professional dance classes. My goal in 2020 was to begin a new path, becoming a Yoga Teacher and since everything was closed I wasn’t able to go after my goal. Friendships are only possible online and it feels empty not to see, feel and touch people I love.

My home is in 2 continents at the same time. I built myself a Life of freedom, because that is what I was fighting for my entire Life, after having to experience childhood in the DDR, where nobody knew what freedom was.
Heavy travelling restrictions make it now impossible for me to fly and live my Life as normal. I am sitting literally in a room waiting, but days become weeks, weeks become months, and soon months will be years…

I feel imprisoned, my dignity has been stolen, a crime is being done to my soul, my heart and my mind. I am certain this is a crime to humanity.

My excitement to be productive in the morning has been replaced by fear for the future. My energy for my work has been replaced by lack of concentration, my smiles have turned into tears, my dream of having children is now replaced by eager actions to invest my money and save my business, so that I can somehow survive financially and also prepare for the worst of times.

I still have hope in me but with every day I look back and am so sad about the lost days that nobody of us can get back…

The Lockdown has immense consequences. Social contacts are cut off, no art can be enjoyed, walking around wearing a mask feels discriminating and terrifying. One can not grow as a human being freely, taking deep breaths is our birth right and breathing oxygen and the energy of Life force is what keeps us alive. and active.

I am observing people pointing at others that don’t wear masks. Haven’t they learned anything from history?

The PANDAta and the many other movements like “Wir machen auf” (“we will open our shops”) , Corona Ausschuss, Fair Talk and many others create a lot of hope within me and are a light in the dark.

I continue to walk on the streets and in shops without a mask, I continue to get in touch with people, to smile at them and I continue to create dialogs wherever and whenever I can. I continue to fight fear that easily could take over my thoughts and actions. I continue to educate myself and support any movement against this insanity in any way I can. . . though often I feel helpless.

I am sure, that the World Economic Forums Plan is to break our spirit. History books state that it takes only 18 months to achieve that. We are already almost one year in Lockdown. It is 1min to twelve.

Thank you PANDA for your work. Thank you Dr. S. Bhakdi for your wonderful book and your courage and patience to fight for a better future.

Please let me know what I could do or whether I can sign something.

I pray to the Universe that Love and humanity will win in 2021 and that the truth will come to the surface.


Thank you Panda for keeping sanity strong during the times.

A work college lost his father in November 2020. His father visited his local medical practice with a complaint of severe chest pain, his father also suffered from peripheral artery disease, a condition of the blood vessels that supply the legs and feet due to narrowing of the arteries in the legs. He was not given any medical treatment and was sent home with a prescription for pain killers.

That evening his mother called, his father had collapsed and an ambulance was on route. The paramedics arrived at his father’s home and gave CPR no avail. His father had a clot in his brain and died because of a pulmonary embolism.
At the hospital the Dr dealing with his father’s death put onto the paperwork cause of death Covid-19. It was only amended when my colleague threaten legal action against the Dr and the hospital.

I wonder how many people have similar stories of how poorly care has been delegated during this pandemic.

Anonymous – CANADA

I am from the Soviet Union and have lived in Canada for 24 years. I find that almost all the Russians whom I have met here feel very similar about the present situation. We had lived through years and decades of propaganda, especially everywhere in the media, the deficit of basic necessities,  restrictions, things you could not say or do, things being banned and so on.  However, we never felt the hatred or pressure from other people for thinking differently, except by the state or by the propaganda.  In Stalin’s time, it was common to snitch on one another, even on one’s friends or family members. Millions of people were arrested, their lives destroyed. But in my childhood and younger years we were happy and content, even though some things were scant. We all had a community where people supported one another.  We came to Canada to look for freedom, for opportunities, for individual rights, for better future for our children. Did our hopes come true? Well,  before the year 2020, my whole family did very well. But now, many people are starting to doubt or even regret their decision to immigrate here. In fact, at the time I was leaving Russia, the country had just begun to open and expanded the trade and connections with the world. We had begun to hope that life would be better (Unfortunately, with the newer version of state-oligarch capitalism, almost all those hopes soon disappeared 🙁 ).

We, the immigrants, came to Canada for freedom. But now it feels like we are losing it. We have already lived through propaganda and manipulation. We are extremely sensitive to that.  We can’t stand lies. Are we coming back to the worst things we have escaped? Was it all worth leaving your family and your community behind to end up in the same system, but worse, because nobody will care for you?


PLEASE go to home page of the FLCCC Alliance, doctors with 2,000 peer reviewed papers between them — they have a breakthrough protocol for Covid with mountains of data to back it up. At their site listen to Dr Kory’s testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee asking why the NIH, CDC, FDC have not given them a hearing. This could be the breakthrough to help save lives now — the bridge needed prior to the vaccines fully taking effect.

When doctors of this calibre with documented scientific evidence cannot get a hearing with the medical decision makers and mainstream media will not investigate their claims then something is dreadfully wrong with the way this pandemic is being handled. I’d like to think it’s just bureaucratic incompetence but I’m seriously beginning to think it’s more nefarious.

Thank you for trying to sort it out!

Josephine Parkin – GREAT BRITAIN

I work as a healthcare assistant in psychiatric intensive care & am require to undertake various modules of mandatory training Annually, I recently attended my I.L.S. (immediate life support) course during which I was told, in the event of a person collapsing; we are no longer allowed to perform CPR without firstly donning full appropriate PPE due to the risk of contracting Covid-19. In reality this process could take several minutes if the patient is a significant distance from the treatment room where the PPE is stored. When challenging this directive by stressing the previous protocols of “every second counts” & the increased risk of a patient dying at this critical time; It was explained that a none breathing person was already technically dead & the risk of contracting & spreading Covid-19 was significant & far worse & may kill far more people as a result.

Günther Hochleitner – BRAZIL

The Governor of the State of Goiás here in central Brazil, has just signed into law (no. 20.922/2020) a bill which EXEMPTS INDIVIDUALS WITH AUTISM FROM HAVING TO WEAR A MASK. The reasoning is that rights of the autistic cannot be trampled upon by forcing them to adept to a situation that they find difficult to adapt to. In regard to the draft of the legislation, there is no mention or consideration whatsoever to risk of infection.


Dear Panda
The data you present is great, but I have one small criticism.
I refer to the death rates you report per country, region or globally. I assume that these are deaths reported by different authorities which have been reported directly as Covid virus related deaths. It would be useful to mark them as “Covid related” on all the plots.


In addition, it would also be instructive to get deaths reported per country regardless of “cause” , where available of course. This helps to get some perspective on “excess deaths” by comparing to “Covid” reported deaths. For example in Switzerland, which has an excellent statistics office, the total death rates are useful to look at on a weekly basis and over the past couple of years.

Switzerland total deaths (all causes) for the period 2015 to 2020.

Year: Deaths : Population : % deaths
2015: 68’786 : 8,327,126 : 0.826%
2016: 64’649 : 8,419,550 : 0.768%
2017: 66′ 703 : 8,484,130 : 0.786%
2018: 66’888 : 8,544,527 : 0.783%
2019: 67’515 : 8,606,033 : 0.785%
2020: 67’477 (to week 49) : 8,655,118 : —
2020: 71’576 (FC to week 52) : 8,655,118 : 0.827%

So in 2020, the total death rate (%) (forecast) is actually lower than that in 2015 (so far). I don’t know why 2015 was a high death rate year, maybe the flu, or just a higher % of older people in the population that year etc..

Of course, the deaths in 2020 have had much higher “peaks” targeting vulnerable groups.

I have tried to compile the same for the UK, but its a long tough job.

So in comparison to 2015, there have been some 2800

Anonymous – CANADA

Dear Panda;

Thank you for your excellent initiative! Below is an account of my perspective, which highlights the double-standards that we are living with.

The extreme measures that Governments around the world have taken to attempt to control the Covid-19 virus have solely been based on case numbers.

Positive case counts have been considered valid without question, so much so that daily case numbers (and subsequent numbers of deaths) have been released to the general public every single day. The uncertainty inherent in the testing process, however, has not been disclosed at all!

As a geologist who works with assay sample data, I know that uncertainty exists when testing entities that are nanometres in scale. Errors are expected and mitigated against by means of the use of very specific Quality Control (QC) samples. In fact, the Resource Industry is regulated by specific Laws where we MUST report QC data to the general public whenever we release a model based on assay sample data. Quality Control samples monitor for all measures of human, instrumentation and inherent sources of errors—errors are surprisingly common.

Quality control samples include control blanks, duplicates, repeats, certified reference material and standardization of detection limits.

Laws, designed by our own governments, ensure that we report uncertainty relating to sample contamination, lack of precision and accuracy. This same level of transparency and fanaticism for data clarity about Covid-19 samples has not been delivered to the general public—we have a right to see the QC data.

I firmly believe that data uncertainty should be reported along with daily case and death counts. This knowledge would have added a much-needed dose of moderation in the minds of the general public, who have been entranced with the worst-case scenario mantra for almost a year.

If comprehensive and whole-scale QC data has not been performed on all Covid-19 tests, then the claim on the voracity of Covid-19 cannot be proved. We have a right to know if QC sampling has been done.

For further details see:

Yours faithfully,
A Citizen


I work as laboratory technician in a secondary school (high school) in the UK teaching 11-16 year old children, preparing all apparatus and chemicals for practical science lessons. At least in my school, full practical experiments are taking place as much as we can feasible manage for all year groups. Year 11 (15-16 age) are solely based in the science block and all of their teachers move to them in what is known as a ‘bubble’. Other year groups get limited practical lesson access based on what apparatus can be taken to other areas of the school. This in a town in southern England is very much the exception to ‘normal’. Most neighboring schools to ours are only doing teacher demonstrations only, or no practical work at all. This is contrary to government guidance (I’ve read it), and CLEAPSS guidance (school science service in UK that most schools subscribe to annually).

Our school (along with most others) strictly enforces mask wearing on children at all times with two exceptions: 1. Eating 2. In classrooms during lesson times. All staff and pupils must wear face coverings in all communal areas and outside even during fire drills regardless of the weather. We had a fire drill on a cold and very windy day recently with children lining up as per normal but in bubble areas for at least 15 minutes.

For any school not doing practical science work they are denying our young people the necessary skills for scientific advancement in future years. This will have huge setbacks in all scientific fields for years to come.

Anonymous – SOUTH AFRICA

We have all been affected, my house build came to halt, a project I was earmarked for was put on hold, so we have seen some direct effects of the worldwide lockdown.
We would support legal action in SA and worldwide, against the WHO for the use of the RT-PCR tests which are being used to continue this pandemic. s-scandal-breaking-merkel-germany/5731891


Living in an Atomic Age – CS Lewis
In one way we think a great deal too much of the atomic bomb. ‘How are we to live in an atomic age?’ I am tempted to reply: ‘Why, as you would have lived in the sixteenth century when the plague visited London almost every year, or as you would have lived in a Viking age when raiders from Scandinavia might land and cut your throat at night; or indeed, as you are already living in an age of cancer, an age of syphilis, an age of paralysis, an age of air raids, an age of railway accidents, an age of motor accidents.


In other words, do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation. Believe me, dear sir or madam, you and all whom you love were already sentenced to death before the atomic bomb was invented… It is perfectly ridiculous to go about whimpering and drawing long faces because the scientists have added one more chance of painful and premature death to a world which already bristled with such chances and in which death itself was not a chance at all, but a certainty.

If we are all going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb when it comes find us doing sensible and human things—praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts—not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies (a microbe can do that) but they need not dominate our minds…

What the atomic bomb has really done is to remind us forcibly of the sort of world we are living in and which, during the prosperous period before, we were beginning to forget. And this reminder is, so far as it goes, a good thing. We have been waked from a pretty dream, and now we can begin to talk about realities…

It is our business to live by our own law not by fears: to follow, in private or in public life, the law of love and temperance even when they seem to be suicidal, and not the law of competition and grab, even when they seem to be necessary to our own survival. For it is part of our spiritual law never to put survival first: not even the survival of our species. We must resolutely train ourselves to feel that the survival of Man on this Earth, much more of our own nation or culture or class, is not worth having unless it can be had by honorable and merciful means.

Nothing is more likely to destroy a species or a nation than a determination to survive at all costs. Those who care for something else more than civilization are the only people by whom civilization is at all likely to be preserved. Those who want Heaven most have served Earth best. Those who love man less than God do most for man….

Let the bomb find you doing well.

Gunther Hochleitner – BRAZIL


Since 15 March the public authorities here in the State of Goiás (where I live, in central Brazil) have been informing us of the GREAT PERIL we are all at RISK of, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And since 15 March I have been pestering those same public authorities (through use of the Brazilian LAW OF INFORMATION ACCESS) with questions regarding the EXACT NATURE OF THAT RISK. So far, the official answer is that THEY CANNOT AT THIS TIME QUANTIFY THE EXACT NATURE OF THAT RISK , while at the same time enacting all kinds of restrictions on account of it.

But thank GOD good sense has generally prevailed, and no LOCKDOWNS we have suffered!


Hello Panda, and a big thanks for what you are doing!
i own a small hair salon in southern england
we re-opened last wednesday after the november lockdown
in 1 week i have had 6 people (clients) tell me they have lost either a loved one or know of someone who has died not from covid but directly as a result of lockdown and not getting the care/treatment they needed and deserved!
i am absolutely disgusted at this!


All the best for our global fight !!

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I am a lucky individual who is able to be working through a lockdown. PCR testing and surface temperature monitoring are the parameters I must comply with to be able to continue work. I found out on a Friday night that if I wanted to come back to work on Monday I had to get a PCR test because 5 people at work I had no contact with tested positive. I had no symptoms. I had the test done, I missed Monday as the results did not come back in time for work. I was not paid for this day missed (side note; I work away from home) . My employer asked me to do a second PCR test Monday night because they want results back quicker. Both results came back negative. Upon returning to work I was surface temperature screened three times one day, the first time having my temperature be too high (because of the hat I was wearing.. it’s winter), then having it done again and it being fine. The Covid marshals returned and ask again for my surface temperature. I said no. I was informed I would no longer be allowed on the job site if I did not comply. So I did it, it was fine. I showed up to work with two negative PCR tests and was asked to have my surface temperature checked three times.

I don’t trust these parameters nor do I find them necessary and I have amble reason not to. I am finding myself wanting to fight these unnecessary per-cautions.. sadly my reality is I need this job (I would be working else where, but my profession is in the tourism industry which is not going to be running this winter). I also want to point out the expense of all these screening methods. Free PCR testing for essential workers (this will have to be paid for at some point yes?) And the screening monitors equipment costs, then the position of a covid marshal to administer the screenings, and time paid to the employee as they are on hours during this screening day after day.

What I am recognizing is my mental health is in a terrible state. Pressures from work, not wanting to upset friends and colleagues with my view points, noticing my viewpoints are being politicized (Anti lockdowns = right wing/fascist political views, loosen covid measures = Trump supporter), and feeling trapped in a world of people who do not question mainstream media.are the main contributors to my anxiety.

My story is no where near a terribly bad experience. What I am trying to highlight is that mental health is fragile and under these pressures a person could be sent spiraling into depression and anxiety. What’s worse is I don’t even have it bad. I have people I can talk to about my anxieties and I have somewhere to go if I can no longer work. I can only imagine how much suffering is going on for people, who are in a far worse situation than my own, experiencing our covid-fear overrun world.

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