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Dr. Denis Rancourt Examines COVID-19

Doctor Denis Rancourt, from PANDA, examines COVID-19 with Dr Peter Breggin discussing the multiple measures being used during the pandemic, from wearing masks to washing our hands. They evaluate the counting of deaths and the testing for cases. Dr. Rancourt approaches these questions as an experienced scientist with a very broad general interest in the world and its affairs. They have one strong disagreement, but open science is about respecting and allowing unexpected opinions. A thoughtful, informed conversation.

A ‘fake news’ boomerang – Daily Friend

A ‘fake news’ boomerang – Daily Friend

PANDA believes that the people of South Africa will do the right thing if they are empowered with accurate information. This team’s purpose has been to consider all of the science and to separate the good science from the bad and promote the former.

Dr Martin Wucher – Namibia

Hi All I live next door in Namibia. My background is microbiology, zoology, dentistry and functional medicine. When this scamdemic started, I believed it was about a virus. So we made a "farmer plan" to solve the issue. This is what we normally do. I learnt, nobody...