Since it looks like the geniuses in the South African government seem to be entertaining the idea of forever masking, why don’t we go back to the initial MAC advisory (dated 9 April 2020) that gave us masks mandates in the first place.

You can download it from the link below. I can’t find it on a government website, but given that Bhekisisa has been one of the government’s many PR arms, it’s a safe assumption that it’s legitimate.

In fairness to the study authors, they do concede these limitations of their study, and it’s therefore wholly inappropriate for this paper to be the basis on which our mask recommendation for ALL is to be made.

Not only does this study recommend against the use of cloth masks, it also suggests that cloth masks may actually be worse than the ‘control arm’ – meaning, no masks.

Our eminent scientists are essentially lying, and they both know they are lying and don’t really care. Remember this as our government considers rolling out the power to forever mask.

After two years of this nonsense, and fairly compelling evidence that mask mandates haven’t made a positive difference anywhere, it’s incredibly frustrating that our chaps are going to dig in their heels while much of the world continue to drop the mandates.

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