The Ugly Truth About The Covid-19 Lockdowns: Time to Reopen Society
01 April 2021

PANDA’s co-founder, Nick Hudson, was the keynote speaker at the March 2021 inaugural BizNews Investment Conference in South Africa.

The presentation, “Time To Reopen Society” begins with the early days of the pandemic recalling the confusion, the conflicting information, the ever-changing recommendations. By following the data and official communications from global organisations, PANDA unravels what transpired that led us into deleterious lockdowns, which continue to have enormous negative impacts across the world. This presentation negates the fear and gives clear reasons why ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ in the story of the COVID-19 pandemic response.

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The data, facts, and realities of COVID were far away from what the media and public health institutions were presenting to the world at the advent of the pandemic.

And while the controlling narrative was that of lockdowns and fear in response to COVID, organizations like PANDA have been working with some of the top minds in public health, focusing on the hard data and analytics of the pandemic to help save lives.

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